A floor mop is a tried and true cleaning tool. But in this day and age, even this time-tested classic can be taken up a notch. That's exactly what an electric floor mop does.

Let's find out what it is and discover how to buy the best one out there.

How Does an Electric Floor Mop Actually Work?
Despite being innovative, an electric floor mop relies on the same principles to do the trick. Just like a regular floor mop, it needs brisk stirring, water, and cleaning solutions. An electric floor mop, however, calls for a lot less involvement on your part to get the cleaning job done. 

Being every bit as good as its regular alternative, it handles sticky spots and stains faster. And since it uses electric power, it lets you save a lot of energy when mopping a floor. An electric floor mop helps you finish cleaning sooner and feel a lot less tired afterwards.

But there are even more advantages to using an electric floor mop.

What Makes an Electric Floor Mop More Convenient?
Compared to its regular counterpart, an electric mop allows you to enjoy:

  • More comfort when cleaning When you use a regular floor mop, cleaning becomes a tedious chore. And you can't escape dragging the bucket, changing the water, and wringing out the mop all the time. An electric floor mop makes cleaning a lot less stressful by doing it all for you.
  • Better results By simplifying the process, an electric floor mop lets you get a decent cleaning done in less time. It rids you of the need to constantly soak and squeeze it, and the floor dries faster afterwards. An electric floor mop helps cleaning go by faster, yielding better results.
  • More energy after cleaning Perhaps the single most important benefit of an electric floor mop is that it doesn't wear you out as much. It frees you of the need to bend on your knees and scrub every once in a while. And it makes you move much less, sparing your joints and back.
  • Less costs At first glance, a regular floor mop seems like a cheaper option. But the costs of using it quickly add up, as you waste much higher amounts of cleaning solutions and water. An electric floor mop costs more initially but becomes cost-effective in the long run.

As you can tell, an electric floor mop is a handy device to have in your cleaning toolkit. But these benefits aren't readily available with just any electric floor mop.

Key Considerations Before Getting an Electric Floor Mop

Finding a decent electric floor mop isn't hard. But it pays to zero in on the exact one you need.

You can do so by considering these criteria:

  • Surface The type of flooring is a decisive factor. Some electric floor mops make for a good match for even surfaces like linoleum or hardwood. Other mops work better for such challenging flooring types as tiled and marble floors.
  • Application Are you a cleaning professional or do you want a hassle-free cleaning tool for occasional tidying up? While some electric floor mops are professional-grade, others cater to low-profile use. This determines the features you get and the price.

Giving these criteria a thought will help you focus on the best electric floor mops for your needs.

From then on, you can narrow down your search further by considering the type.

Picking the Type of the Electric Floor Mop
Spray mop, steam mop, and spin mop are among the most popular types of the electric floor mop.

Here's how they differ:

  • Spray Mop Sprays the amount of water you need using a special water container.
  • Steam Mop Uses steam instead of cleaning solutions, helping with sticky stains and spots.
  • Spin Mop Comes with two rotating pads that allow for quick and easy cleaning.

There are also specialized types of the electric floor mop out there.

Some of them are:

  • Power Scrubber Not the best fit for massive cleaning. But it works a charm for cleaning stains in awkward places.
  • Wet-Dry Vacuum This 2-in-1 mop and vacuum cleaner works for almost any kind of mess.
  • Floor Cleaner Doing anything from cleaning to waxing, this version is commercial-grade.

As you see, there's no shortage of electric floor mops to try.

We hope our guide has helped you tune in to the one that meets your needs the best.