Having a child is a life-changing event for mothers at every age. But if you had your child early in life, it can impede on some of your earlier plans, like finishing school and graduating from college.

According to a report from the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA), there are over 2.97 million school dropouts in the country. As a result, they are often stuck with low-pay jobs and even deal with challenges in getting hired due to their lack of professional experience. However, getting a degree can help you land a better job and improve your finances for your family.You may also opt to pursue continual learning for further career advancements. 

So how do moms all over the country do it? Check out these secrets for balancing responsibilities as a mom and student. 

Sign Up For Online Classes 

There are many challenges when raising a child while studying in college. One of which is finding a strong support system to help care for the child while attending classes. Not to mention, the high costs of child care. If your child gets sick, you might find it hard to concentrate on your assignments and would want to rush home to care for the baby. You can avoid situations like this by enrolling in online classes. This will allow you to finish your course without ever having to leave the house. You also have the option to take an accelerated degree program and complete your degree in a shorter time frame. 

Develop A Workable Schedule

Since time is both important in school and when raising your baby, you need to devise a detailed schedule to avoid missing out on activities or running all over the place. By following a strict routine, it would be easier for you to manage the challenges that come with both responsibilities. Include all the important activities like school submissions, doctors’ appointments, play dates, and other events. You can either put your schedule on paper or use an app on your mobile phone to serve as a reminder of what you need to do and stay on task.

Find A Strong Support Group

It takes a village to raise a child, especially if you are still in school. If possible, seek help from friends or relatives you can trust. Consider scheduling your classes around your partner’s schedule to share the responsibilities. Your parents and friends can also pitch in and care for the baby if you and your partner must work or run other related errands. 

The challenges of raising a child and finishing a degree can be tough. However, staying positive throughout the process will come with rewards in the future. Remember, the best way to care for your loved ones is to care for yourself first. Get as much rest as you can during your free time and relax as much as possible. Not only will it prevent the extreme effects of stress, it will also allow you to concentrate better in class.