4 ways children can help look after your family pet

If you have children then you are probably familiar with the weekly ritual of being pleaded with to get a family pet. Most children love animals, and so the idea of having a companion excites them. Perhaps you are open to the idea but are concerned that you will end up being the only one that cares for and tends to it. You will be pleased to know that there are many different ways children can get involved. Here are 4 ways children can help look after your family pet.

Activity and exercise
Many pets need regular exercise as do children and so it can make for a great combination. If you have a dog then your children can tag along when taking it for its daily walk, and teenagers can take their turn too. Being out in the fresh air and getting regular exercise will be beneficial for everyone. If your pet doesn't require walking, the kids can spend time each day playing with it. Children can have lots of fun amusing their cat or running around with their hamster whilst it takes off in its favorite hamster ball. 

Pets need to be fed and watered
All pets need to be fed and there is no reason why children, regardless of age, can’t help. You can make it a bit more interesting by explaining why your pets need certain types of food and why it is important not to give them too much. You can even put the kids in charge of replenishing water bottles and bowls each day.
Fish are a great pet to have if your children are very young. They can feed them without any apprehension and they take very little looking after. If you are unsure of what might suit, Aquarium Source is a website that offers a huge range of advice on many different types of fish and how to care for them.  

All pets need a clean environment
One of the worst parts of having a pet is probably cleaning out its cage. It's not a great job but it's important to make kids help with this. It teaches them responsibility and that life isn't just about doing the things you enjoy. Explain to them why cleaning is important and why replacing straw and bedding regularly is essential for your pet to be comfortable.

Keep your pet well-groomed
Many pets require regular personal maintenance. Cats, for example, need to be brushed regularly, and it's something kids can easily take a turn to do. Show them what is needed and try to form a routine so it becomes an automatic responsibility. Dogs need their teeth brushed regularly to ensure they maintain good oral hygiene. Older children can help out with this too. When visiting the vet or local doggy day-care, take the kids along. If your pet needs its nails clipped or its teeth checked, let the kids see and hear what is going on. Owning a pet can be very educational.

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