alternative remedies

If we are feeling unwell or have had an accident or injury then our first instinct would normally be to go to the doctor, and this is not incorrect, we should always seek professional medical help and advice, especially if it is a serious issue. But even with that being said we can always look for additional help in alternative treatments and therapies to supplement your medical treatment and if it’s a minor issue that doesn’t require the docs then it can be useful to look at these alternative options.

The Common Cold
If we are suffering from the common cold then there are various ways to treat the common cold without resorting to modern, chemical remedies. Herbal and lemon teas are popular, especially if you add honey to them. A steam head-bath is always useful, it helps warm and clear the nasal passages allowing for easier breathing.

Cuts & Scrapes
When you get a minor injury then it’s important to not ignore the fact. Good hygiene is the first thing that must be attended to, avoiding infection is paramount. For most of us then it’s a case of using disinfectant and a plaster. However, many are allergic or would just prefer a more natural solution to the problem, so how do we achieve that? You can find a huge range of all-natural treatments for first aid purposes.

There are many reasons that we can end up suffering from a headache and it can range from the self-inflicted heavy night out to something much more serious for our health. If you are suffering from regular and recurring headaches it’s important to note that you should go and see your doctor as soon as possible. But other than that there are many herbal and natural remedies for this issue, essential oils for headaches are a particularly useful way of achieving this.

Tiredness affects us all, especially moms. But there are good ways to combat this and poor ways, getting enough sleep is the obvious thing to check, although this is easier said than done. It’s key to avoid the trap of drinking more coffee or, even worse, energy drinks to try and get more out of the day. A good, healthy diet, varied in fruit and veg is essential as is ensuring you are getting enough exercise as well.

Muscle Aches & Injuries
When working out or even just in the course of a day to day activities then it's very common to experience minor muscle strain and soreness. There are the common messages of stretching and warming up before working out, but this can also be useful to do before the start of every day, it only takes 5 minutes and can be hugely beneficial. It’s also essential to make sure you are getting enough vitamin D as a lack of this can be a cause.

So as we can see there are so many ways to be able to combat ill feeling but if you are suffering greatly or for long-term please see a qualified doctor as soon as possible.