easy ways for men to care for their hair

Keeping your hair looking great, whatever your age, is important. Taking care in your appearance does not necessarily need to take hours, but establishing a routine is important. Wearing a hat can be a quick fix if you are running short on time, perhaps not an everyday solution though. Continue reading for some top tips.

Get a Good Trim

Having a decent hair cut to begin with is the best foundation for establishing a hair care routine. Everyone’s hair is different, so a style you are keen to emulate may not be suitable due to coarseness and your crown. A decent barber or hairdresser will offer a free consultation and talk you through what you would look and whether or not it is possible.

Washing and Drying your Hair

Finding a decent shampoo and conditioner is important, particularly if you wash your hair daily as most men do as this will help to protect your hair. Some people believe that hair should be double washed, but this is actually a myth. It is thought that doing so may even dry out your hair and scalp rather than helping to nourish it. After washing, ensure you rinse the products out completely to avoid a dry scalp. When it comes to drying your hair, it can be tempting to vigorously towel dry. However, as your hair is more prone to damage while it is wet, you can do harm to your hair employing this method. Choose instead to pat your hair until it is somewhat dry. If you have time, let it dry in the air; otherwise, use a heat protector spray if you are keen to use a hairdryer.

Hair Products

Use hair products, such as gel, wax and putty, sparingly. Putting too much into your hair will make it heavy and looks unnatural. Be sure to read the product information carefully as it will often state what type of hair to which it is best suited.

Hair Brush or Comb

For men with longer hair, using a wide toothed comb may be best. If you are keen to use a brush, opt for one with natural bristles. Do not be tempted to comb or brush your hair while it is still dripping wet. As mentioned earlier, wet hair is easily damaged, so ensure it has been partly dried first.

Avoid too much Sun

We have all heard about how powerful the sun’s UV rays are and the damage they can cause to your skin, but it can also negatively impact your hair as well. Avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun is important. Perhaps wear a loose-fitting hat. There are products on the market available which have added ingredients which help to protect your hair from the sun.

Avoid too much Chlorine

Chlorine contained in pools and jacuzzis is another thing that can cause damage to hair. It dries it out and can make it brittle meaning it will break easily. Wetting your hair prior to swimming can reduce the damage.