The value of your property is crucial to maintain as a homeowner with many factors affecting it. With any type of renovations or remodeling, it’s critical to ensure that there is always a return on your investment or ROI. This would be the difference between the expense of the project and the amount of value that it adds to your home. Many of the projects that need to be done won’t add value to the home. But repairs or replacement of the garage door with a reputable professional, C and M Garage Doors, are an exception.

The facade of your home consists substantially of your garage door which is touted as being fairly inexpensive to update. It’s the least expensive of any part of the exterior of your home to renovate when comparing the cost per square footage with positive ROI.

Repair Or Replace The Garage Door?

Although the value of your home can be greatly increased with the replacement of the garage door, it’s not always necessary for a full replacement. Sometimes, the door may just require a few repairs which will save both time and money.


·        If your garage door just suddenly stops functioning, it may seem like an emergent issue. This type of problem is usually a sign that it can be fixed. A sudden malfunction, as opposed to continuing hiccups, will usually indicate a single part that has gone bad.

In this case, you can check the remote for dead batteries before you call the professional service repair. Getting out of the garage in a hurry can be done manually. Most doors will have the trolley operator disengaged by way of a handle on a chain which is usually red. This will allow you to lift the garage door without much effort if the spring hasn’t been damaged. 

If the batteries don’t work and you can’t lift it manually, you will need professional repairs from an experienced service.

·        The springs may be a problem if your garage door seems to be unusually heavy. There are two springs responsible for balancing the garage door to make it much simpler to lift. These prevent the lift mechanism from enduring wear and tear. After a while, they begin to wear out and the door will become heavy. This will result in a need to replace the springs which is a quick and easy repair for a professional. Read here about replacing garage door springs.


·        If the garage door has been malfunctioning for some time as opposed to one isolated incident, the problem has most likely spread. If the issue had been fixed with the first sign of a problem, you could get away with repairs. But neglecting to do so will result in the need for complete replacement. Garage doors that malfunction will continue to cause damage to the lift mechanism. Damage that has gone into the lift mechanism will mean that the door should be replaced.

·        A single panel being damaged on a garage door will result in that panel simply being replaced. But if there is more than one affected, it is going to be more cost-effective to do a full door replacement. Any type of natural disaster or accident involving a vehicle causing severe damage can truly save you money in the long run by replacing the door.

·        If your garage door has significant age, it may not afford some features that are available today and may need replacing. Go to to learn about common garage door issues. The newer models provide security, safety, and add efficiency along with curb appeal. 

The old doors are much less secure than the doors manufactured today making them targets for break-ins. The safety features today allow detection of when the door is being blocked. A garage door descending on a child or pet can be deadly. The newer models offer sensors preventing them from closing if there is an obstacle.

·        A new model also offers much more energy efficiency. Although your garage is insulated from the rest of your home, hot or cold air consumes the garage and can ultimately affect the inside of the house. The new garage doors provide insulated materials plus higher quality weather stripping to keep the elements out of the garage.


Replacing your old garage door has the potential to add value to your home. Installing a new garage door with a modern style is a fairly low-cost way to update your home’s curb appeal.