Hair removal is often time consuming, messy and sometimes even painful. Yet, not everybody is comfortable just letting the hair grow. Some feel societal pressure, others just don’t like how it feels to have hair where they don’t want it. Whatever the reason for wanting to get rid of your hair, there is another way to do it so you can avoid all of the downsides of other methods. I’m talking about laser hair removal of course. Companies like Laser All can remove your hair and free you up to do other things with your time. Is it the best way to go, though? In this article, we will go over some of the pros and cons since it might not be right for everybody.

What are the pros?

It’s mostly permanent - Since the laser kills the root of most of the hair you are looking to remove, it is more or less permanent. Some hair might grow back, but for the most part you can probably get away without shaving again.

For most people, laser treatment is going to be as close to permanent as they need. The only

It can be done anywhere - From the underarms, the legs to your upper lip, there is no part of the body that can’t be treated with the laser. Ready to get out in that micro bikini? Then you’ll need your bikini area done.

Tired of that little mustache that you really don’t want to shave? Then you can have it laser removed and not deal with it anymore.

It’s relatively painless - Though it is not as pain free as shaving, it also is not nearly as painful as using an epilator that pulls your hair out. And nothing is as painful as getting waxed.

The most pain you will feel is at the beginning of the treatments when the hair is thick. Eventually, it becomes less painful as your hair becomes finer.

What are the cons?

It takes a while - It would be nice if the process were simple and could be done in one session. The reality is that you will need to go for repeated treatments until all the hair is gone. How many it takes depends on your type of hair and how thick it is.

Generally, you’ll need 5 to 8 treatments and you’ll need to wait up to six weeks in between sessions. In other words it takes a while to get rid of the hair for good.

It doesn’t work for everybody - If you have very dark skin and your hair is also dark, then this is not going to work for you. In general, it works best for people with fine hair and light skin.


If you have the money to spend then this is a very good option to make your life easier. Not needing to take care of your excess hair will free up your time.

Maybe one day you will want that hair back, but it is very doubtful! Laser hair removal is a great option for anybody.