Plan Your Awesome Wedding in 3 Months

Planning your wedding

Your wedding can be one of the most amazing days of your life. With ample time to plan and prepare, you can make just any dream ceremony come true. But what if you only have three months? Do you think you can still have the wedding you've always wanted? You can. This article will help you.

3 months
Get it out of the way

Learn about the legal requirements for getting married. Do the legwork. Process the papers. These documents can cause major inconvenience if you put off processing them now. Here's an Internations artcile with the things you need to do.

The real beginning

The two most important things you need in planning a wedding is your target date and your working budget. Have a decisive discussion about these things before thinking about anything else. All of your suppliers will depend on these two things after all.

Listing guests

With your budget in mind, finalize the number of guests so other wedding items, like the venue, can also be locked down.

The venue or the date?

Because of the relatively short notice, (and depending on the time of the year) the venue you had in mind may have already been booked. If this is the case, you'll have to choose between looking for another venue or picking another date. Work out which of the two is more important for you. Note that the more people you're inviting, the fewer the available venues are, that can accommodate your party.

What's your style?

At this stage, you should set a theme for your wedding since all of your design choices moving forward will need a basis.

2 months

Listing guests revisited

Time to really list down the names of your guests. With a theme picked out, you can send these guests invitations to your ceremony.


Although a DIY wedding will give you more control and will be cheaper at the same time, help from family, friends, and suppliers will reduce your workload and ultimately make the whole process more efficient.

Finalize deals with your suppliers. Each passing day raises the probability that these suppliers will have other events booked. Wedding photography teams, in particular, are difficult to get ahold of.

The look of love

This is the time to pick out what you'll be wearing for your big day.

There are a lot of reasons for couples to choose to limit their wedding planning to three months. Pregnancy is one of the most popular. If you're expecting, there are great choices out there for maternity dresses for weddings.

Aside from your clothes and accessories, finalize your hairstyle and makeup arrangements. Talk to your stylists and work out how things will go down on your wedding.

Away you go

If you're planning a honeymoon, this would be the best time to make your bookings and settle your plans.

1 month

Wedding favors

If this is your thing, make sure you keep it simple so you won't be too pressured and you can finish them on time.

Seating Situation

Since most of your guests have likely replied to your invitation, it's time to figure out where they will sit during your reception.


Check and recheck your list and make sure you're not missing any item.

Reach out

Contact all the people involved in the wedding and start confirming your reservations.

Planning a wedding in 90 days sounds like an impossible feat but using this checklist, you can watch the big day materialize the way you've always envisioned it.

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