Tips to prevent the bed bugs

It would be so easy to put up a sign reading –“Bed bugs not allowed to enter-Strictly prohibited!" Every household would put up such boards if it worked! However, that isn’t the case, you need to get your hands to work to ensure that bed bugs do not make your abode theirs! As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’, you can stop bed bug infestation even before it happens. Here are some simple yet effective and useful tips that will help you in the process. 

Seal the electric outlets and other crevices       
The electrical power sockets are a perfect hiding place for the bed bugs. Once they sense evacuation plans, they try to escape by hiding deep in any of the cracks, crevices or openings found in the house. Seal such openings and holes carefully and monitor the cracks regularly. Constantly check the ceilings and walls also for tiny cracks. 

Vacuum sealed covers for clothes 
Bed bugs love to cuddle up in your warm clothes because they feel comfortable and will never leave. So always keep your clothes, especially the extra ones that you would need for other seasons, packed in vacuum-sealed bags. This helps to prevent the entry of the bugs.

Vacuum the floors and carpets regularly
It is not only on beds that you find these annoying creatures. They are capable of surviving anywhere in the house. You need to know where to spot them. Need to understand some more tricks, click here for more info on how to protect your home from bedbugs. One of the best hiding spots is the edge where the wall and floors meet. Regular dusting or cleaning alone will not help. So make it a habit to vacuum regularly. These bed bugs find it hard to survive in places where cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming are done regularly. 

Keep your pets clean and safe
Your beloved pets are also very likely to be troubled by the bed bugs. So brush them regularly and keep their skin clean and healthy. Their fur is a great hiding place for bed bugs which can lead to severe skin infections. Supervise their bathing and brushing regularly.

The other important methods to catch the bed bugs in action and eliminate their attacks are through
        Proper garbage disposal
        Decluttering your home
        Using protective covers for the mattresses
        Installing bed bug monitors
        Conducting regular inspections of furniture and other belongings

The above methods help to avoid infestation and also the multiplication of bed bugs. Now, what if your home is already infested? The best option would be to call in professionals who are equipped with these problems. They will use fumigation methods and other professional measures to completely cleanse the property. Once they are done with the treatment, you can prevent another attack by following the methods suggested above.

The trick is to prevent the infestation before it happens. So getting rid of bed bugs should be made part of your weekly cleaning routine. Stay alert and ensure a bug-free home.