Water damage has many effects that could be devastating to your home and yourself, either immediately or later in time. This is why handling it quickly is so important. 

Water can ruin your home pretty quickly if there’s a lot of it. On the other hand, small, unnoticeable leaks are less destructive initially, but very dangerous along the line. Some of the damages you’ll notice right away, and some will annoy you for weeks. Especially so if this is not handled by a professional.

Here are some of the effects of water damage in your home.


Mold is one of the worst things that can happen in your home. And the effects on your health can be felt almost immediately. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen right away. It’s the most evident when allergies start to bother you and especially so on children. Mold adores water and it will appear wherever the water has been untreated and undried. This is why quick drying after any water damage is so important. You can learn more about mold and health issues here.

Not to mention, mold looks disgusting. It leaves marks all over the place and it can range from mildly disturbing to really ugly. Some of it can look greenish and appear like moss on the surface of your walls.

You can expect various issues like respiratory problems, asthma and so on. While some may feel this immediately, some will suffer the consequences after many weeks or months go by.

The smell caused by mold will not disappear that quickly either. It will linger on, especially if mold has caught on to some furniture or a painting, for example.

Once the mold starts growing, you will likely feel the decrease in air quality almost instantly. Be aware that water that you drink or use for bathing can get contaminated also. It leads to allergies on the skin and you will be exposed to numerous bacteria. Follow this link to find out how to tell early on that there is mold in your home: https://www.insider.com/is-there-mold-in-my-house-2018-12

Damage to the appliances and furniture

If a flood happens, your appliances and furniture will be the first thing to break down. Within minutes, half of your things could be permanently destroyed.

Their structure will weaken and even if it doesn’t, mold can grow on it and cause problems mentioned in the previous part.

Some furniture will swell because of water and this usually includes your floors too. The paint will likely chip or transfer to other areas.

Electrical appliances will malfunction right away, but especially so if they are not waterproof or if they are plugged in when the accident happens. As San Diego Dry Express says, this damage is often hard to repair, although it can still happen, depending on the damage.

Home structure

One of the biggest things that water can ruin, whether in large volumes or in small volumes, is the structure of your house. If you have a wooden floor, it will likely warp and swell. You’ll have a hard time walking without tripping and it can even be dangerous.

It gets worse if your floor is carpeted because it will be a nightmare to clean up and treat. Carpets are usually unsalvageable. Especially if you don’t want mold to catch on. And vacuuming is often not an option since the water can ruin the vacuum too.

If your wall is soaked, it will change its color, start chipping and so on. You might spot yellow marks on the wall too.

What to do

If you are not sure what to do in case of water damage, you’ll probably get confused. But, as soon as you notice any damage made by water, you should call a professional. Until they arrive, you need to do your best to remove the water from the home and dry it out as much as possible. If the damage and the flooding are too high, you should leave immediately and call someone skilled in handling this damage since water can be a hazard both for your health and electrical hazards.

If the damage is not too big, then you can stay in your home and try to remedy the damage as much as you can until the professionals arrive. They will bring professional equipment and they will know how to handle the mold and the water. Plus, this will likely be covered by your insurance.