Snoring is a sleep stealer for both you and your partner. While in most instances it is due to a medical condition. To others, it is due to poor sleeping habits and lifestyle choices that one can easily avoid. Hence, trying out simple remedies that have worked with others. Plus, improving your sleep hygiene is a good option to try in solving your snoring problem. Through this, you will boost your sleep quality and quantity and your partners as well. Below are some simple home remedies that you can try out from home to find relief from your snoring.

1.      Sleep on an incline 
There are many ways that you can sleep on an incline as a remedy to stop snoring. Either you prop your bed or use your pillows to create an incline position by adjusting them. Alternatively, adjust your nectar mattress to help prop your head up while you sleep. This will help open your airway and stop your tongue from blocking your throat that causes you to snore as you cannot breathe well. Also, you can decide to get a new bed that is easily adjustable that you can change easily to what suits you. A wedge pillow is another option that is affordable. Anything that can help you sleep on an incline is ideal if it helps you fall asleep without snoring.

2.      Change sleeping position

Did you know that your favorite sleep position could be a reason that you snore? Even sleeping on your back position that is the healthiest could cause you to snore. However, most people have and experience weak jaw muscles that open during sleep after they have had a high-calorie diet. When you sleep with your mouth open, your air passage is constricted since your lower jaw falls back causing you to snore. For this reason, choose the side position to see if the snoring stops or reduces. It may be difficult at first but with time you will get used to the position especially if you sleep better. If you need help sleeping in the side position buy a full-length body pillow.

3.      Stop smoking 
This lifestyle habit is one way to increase your snoring. Even though most snorers are not aware that they are snoring. The way they feel in the morning is proof enough they did not sleep well as they are not as refreshed. This is because cigarettes irritate the lining of the throat. After the throat swells, through this inflammation you get a discharge and fluid retention in the upper airway. Other sleep-related issues that smokers experience are sleep apnea and sleep fragmentation.  Hence, since through this habit you get to snore. It is advised to try to quit smoking or avoid smoking hours before bed. 

4.      Use the tennis ball method

Have you ever heard of the tennis ball method? Through this method, you can sleep on the side position that is best to prevent snoring. As discussed earlier, sleeping on your back will make snoring worse. Thus, it is best to find ways to sleep on the side position. Sleeping with a tennis ball has helped a lot of people sleep in the side position. Sew a tennis ball to a shirt that you wear to bed to prevent you from rolling on your back. It is inexpensive and it has helped many people sleep on their side. As a result, since you cannot sleep when you are uncomfortable, this method encourages you to sleep on your side through the night.

5.      Use a humidifier 
Investing in a humidifier to keep in your bedroom is another way to stop snoring. Since your cause of snoring may be because of inhaling dry air in your room. This dry air causes congestion and snoring. Therefore, the moisture from the humidifier will help clear the stuffy nose. Hence, making inhaling and exhaling easier and there is no snoring through this. Therefore, any methods that help open the airway and improve breathing like using a humidifier, taking a steam bath are best to improve snoring.

6.      Keep off the bottle 

This is another lifestyle habit that causes snoring. Drinking alcohol hours to bed makes snoring worse. Sleep doctors recommend avoiding alcohol and other snacks before going to sleep as it reduces the muscle tone of your throat. When this happens it increases the airway resistance causing you to snore. Besides, the hangover in the morning will make you start your day on a terrible note. Although most people argue that alcohol makes them sleep fast the quality of sleep they get is not worth it.

7.      Change sheets often
If you have certain allergies that cause you to have a stuffy nose once you lay in bed. It is best to change your sheets and pillowcases regularly. Since this is what you get into direct contact as you lay in bed. Allergens in the air cannot be avoided. However, you can prevent them by having a clean room, regular dusting, cleaning your humidifier and changing your bedding. This will avoid congestions every time you lay in bed from work. Constant nasal congestion due to dander, dust mites, and other allergens can cause even worse respiratory issues if not sort out in time.

8.      Try peppermint products 
This is an herbal remedy aid to relieve mild snoring. Either it is a peppermint mouthwash or peppermint oil they help with snoring. If you prefer the oil dap some on your sheets or under your nose to help open the passages. The mouthwash too, helps with shrinking tissues in the throat area helping you to breathe with ease. Also, add a few drops to your humidifier before you go to bed. However, this remedy is not safe for pregnant mothers and children under two years due to the menthol that is present in them. Other natural remedies work as well and you can consult with your sleep therapist to check which ones to choose.