Periods are a consistent monthly occurrence in women that signifies that everything inside the body is working properly as it should. Every woman undergoes different challenges during the monthly period that may or may not be consistent in nature. Some months the period flow could be light with fewer cramps while at times it is heavier. 

However, if this heavy bleeding continues for a long time it is painful and also can potentially cause many health issues. As mentioned above in the title, this condition of having prolonged heavy periods is called ‘menorrhagia’. Though there are many treatment options available for this condition, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has become a preferred choice. BHRT, as it is called, helps to make the periods less painful and more manageable. 

What is Termed as Heavy Periods?

Since every woman has periods that are heavier at times, it is essential to know what ‘heavy bleeding’ is. You are having heavy periods if
        You have periods that last for longer than 7 days consistently
        You have to use more than a pad every hour 
        Have large-sized blood clots while bleeding 
        Have more than normal stomach cramps 
When this happens once in a while, it can be ignored, but if it is a regular occurrence then it requires medical attention.

Causes of Heavy Periods

There is no definite answer to the cause for heavy periods but there are a few triggers that can lead to it. Cervical cancer, fibroids, tumors in the uterus, bleeding disorders like Von Willebrand Disease, ectopic pregnancy or kidney/liver or thyroid disorders can cause heavy periods. But not all cases are a sign of illness, it can be a result of hormonal fluctuations too. The progesterone and estrogen which should be in proper proportions sometimes go out of balance and can lead to issues. These hormones are not just essential for the proper functioning of the reproductive system but also many other processes that can impact health. 

Treating Heavy Bleeding

Menstrual bleeding happens when the lining of the uterus is shed, but when the estrogen is not produced enough, the uterine lining becomes thick. That leads to irregular and also heavy periods. There are many treatment options available to cure this which includes medications to reduce pain and supplements to replenish the nutrients. However, some may cause adverse reactions and some may not be effective at all.

BHRT for Heavy Periods

A better solution from all of the above treatment options to treat hormonal imbalance is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. According to BHRT helps bring the right hormonal balance as it is customized to the individual. Derived from plant estrogens that are chemically similar, it supplements the hormone levels and balances it without any peaks or lows. Apart from treating women with heavy bleeding, it also aids in treating perimenopause symptoms and reduces many issues associated with it. 

Periods are complex and so is the pain. When you have menstruation with heavy bleeding for many months it can impact your health. Look for a treatment plan which will suit you best.