A platform bed can be described as a bed that comes with a base that is raised on a rectangular horizontal solid frame. With the newer mattress models requiring specific maintenance and more upkeep, it is actually a good idea to switch to platform beds in the long run. It comprises of a simple frame that can be made from different materials and has the ability to support the mattress without relying on a box spring. 

Key features of Platform Beds

With so many different types of options available in the market, it can be difficult to know if platform beds are the right choice. Read on to discover the key features that make these bed types popular.

Lower Profile
These types often have a lower profile compared to traditional bed frames. Most of them are around 12 inches tall, while the taller ones do not go beyond 18 inches in height. If you do not have trouble getting in and out of a lower bed, this should not be a problem. In case you want to raise the platform bed slightly, you can consider placing a box spring underneath the mattress. Else, you can get it customized with the help of experienced carpenters or woodworkers.

Little or no Clearance
Since these beds have a lower profile, they also tend to have little or no clearance space under the bed. Most of the popular platform bed designs use enclosed frames or ones with storage drawers for extra storage space. If you are looking for a bed that also allows you to store stuff and reduce the clutter in your home, you will have to check whether they come with storage drawers or not.

Head and Footboards
While traditional platform models are not designed to have head and footboards, the newer models do incorporate them for additional choices for the customer. Some of the headboards also come with additional shelves on the side or above to offer some space for your knickknacks or books.

Solid Surfaces 
These beds can have either a solid surface or a slatted surface. The solid surface usually has slits or holes to allow free airflow. It offers a more firm sleeping experience. Platform beds with slatted surfaces have a support system that is made of wooden slats. The slats are placed next to one another to provide enough support to your mattress and also allow free airflow at the same time. Beds with slatted surfaces are considered to be the norm these days, as it is easy to disassemble and relocate.

Metal Surface
Some models also have a metal surface. Although not exactly comfortable, they work well with an additional box spring. Some people even add an additional Bunkie board for added support for their expensive mattresses.

Different Platform Bed Styles 

Once you understand the different features of this type, it is time to choose one for your bedroom. However, there are several different styles available to suit different customer requirements.

Contemporary Style
The Contemporary type is also known as the minimalist style bed in interior designing circles. It has straight lines with a simple and low profile. It does not have any additional embellishments. According to the experts at ModernDigsFurniture.com, the sleek lines and simple finish gives it an air of serenity. This makes it the perfect choice for a calm and quiet ambiance in your bedroom. The contemporary models are usually made from maple, oak or mahogany wood.

Traditional Style
Just like other traditional furniture, this comes with timeworn touches that remind you of an era gone by. These styles generally have intricate designs or carvings to give it a more traditional touch. The designs are often local to the area where the furniture is manufactured.

Modern Style
The Modern style is easily identifiable by its flowing lines, sleek design and use of natural materials. These beds are often made from teak, leather or wood. The modern styles often adopt a floating bed design to create an airy feeling. This piece of furniture will add mystery and aura to your bedroom and turn it into your very own personal sanctuary in no time.

Floating Platform Bed
One of the top models that have been recently hitting the headlines is the Floating platform bed. It is designed to center the bed support under the bed, thereby taking away the requirement of sides or corners for the bed. Unfortunately, this particular platform design does not offer any storage space. However, it does add a sense of drama to your bedroom without taking away the calming ambiance. The floating model has become one of the favorites among top interior designers.

Mission Style
Mission style beds have simple vertical and horizontal lines and flat panels. In fact, these lines also accentuate the grains of the wood. The beds are strong and very beautiful and also offer a feeling of permanency.

Space Saving Platform Bunkbed
The space-saving platform bunk bed is also known as captain’s beds or storage beds. They come with additional drawers or shelves underneath so that you get extra storage space in your home. Most people living in small spaces prefer platform bunk beds, as it helps reduce the clutter inside their homes

Eco-Friendly Style
The Eco-friendly option might be in any of the styles mentioned above, but it is made using eco-friendly materials like reclaimed wood, bamboo, plantation-grown wood and so on. These beds do not contain any harmful VOCs that are often used in finished wood furniture. Eco-friendly style beds are considerably sturdier and more durable since they are manufactured from solid natural wood. Manufactured woods tend to brittle and sensitive and do not stand the test of time very well.

At the end of the day, platform beds have the power to change your entire bedroom d├ęcor and take it up a notch. All you need to do is decide which style you like the best and go for it!