How To Keep Your Garage Organized and Functional

Having a clean and organized space gives a good mood and reduces stress. In most cases, the garage is one of the most neglected parts since this is where most unused stuff and accumulated junks are stored. It is always best to keep your garage clean and safe for everyone in your home. There is a possibility that your unorganized garage can cause accidents like tripping on small clutters or falling. Also, there are reported fire incidents that started in the garage since this is where newspapers, clothes, and woods are stored. 

Conducting regular checks in your garage space is always a great idea than not. We know, keeping your garage clean and organized may sometimes feel like an impossible task, so we round up different solutions how to have an organized and functional garage.

  1. Make sure all the outlets and light fixtures are perfectly working. It is highly recommended to fix faulty electrical wiring and replace old electrical outlets. 
  2. To prevent any accidents, have your garage door spring checked regularly. Garage door springs wear out and replacement is the best solution. You can buy new garage door springs from and install it yourself. Installing doesn't take a lot of time and actually easier than it sounds since they have tutorials as your guide to successful installation.
  3. Pests. Since there are neglected areas in your garage, pests invasion is not impossible because there are a lot of room for bugs and pests to hide and survive. Make sure your garage is pest-free by spraying insecticide and filling any cracks or holes.
  4. Decluttering. Start by cleaning your garage and removing all things you will no longer use. Your expert judgment on which one to keep or to donate is highly needed. Unused items or clothes can be donated or you can hold a garage sale for a good cause. Get rid of anything that no longer has a purpose in your garage like old magazines and books since it may also cause fire. After sorting, you will more likely have a clear view of the space and you will be able to create a draft plan.
  5. Organize. Since you store different tools and supplies in your garage, you will need to keep every tool in its proper place. Categorize all tools and if you're not sure where to place, consider how frequently you use them. You can add cabinets as additional storage or DIY shelves to make sure everything is in proper places. Add hook racks for umbrellas and mops. While you can add pegboards for your small tools. You can also maximize ceiling space by adding more storage for your seasonal stuff like winter items, fishing rods, christmas decorations, etc. You can use plastic storage or boxes for other small items you seldom use, child toys, or motor parts. I suggest adding labels so you can easily find when you need them. If you happen to store dog foods in the garage, it is ideal to keep in properly sealed containers. If you need more ideas about garage organization, you will see a lot of creative projects in Pinterest.

Easily keep your garage neat and organized by creating a checklist and regular cleaning schedule. The more organized your space is, the more in control you feel. 

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