Jewelry Maintenance Starts From the Details

The correct method of wearing jewelry can not only make your precious jewelry radiant, but also extend its service life. The gold custom necklace you wear is subject to two types of wear, one is natural wear, sun and rain, wind and sand erosion, and contact with the desktop; the other is artificial wear. Artificial wear can be avoided, as long as you pay attention to these life details: Do not wear gold jewelry to cook, the fume smoked when cooking, and the oil spots accidentally splashed will penetrate the inner layer of the jewelry.

Do not wear a monogram ring when washing your clothes, especially with a washboard. The ring you wear will rub against the washboard and rub back and forth, which will cause considerable wear and tear. The vibration will also cause the ring you wear to break. When doing so, do not use excessive force to prevent the ring you are wearing from accidentally falling off. Do not wear cute necklaces while wearing heavy makeup. Oily cosmetics remain in the sweat glands, which can cause chemical reactions on gold jewelry.

Diamond maintenance
1. Cleaning solution washing method
Use a small bowl or tea cup to hold warm water, and adjust an appropriate amount of neutral detergent in water. Immerse the diamond in water, brush it gently with a toothbrush, wrap it in a mesh sieve, and rinse it under warm water with a tap. Finally, dry with a soft lint-free cloth.

2. Cold water immersion method
Use a small bowl or tea cup to immerse the diamond in the water for about 30 minutes, then use a small brush to gently scrub the diamond before, then wave it in the water for a while, and take it out with a paper towel.

3. Fast cleaning method
Buy a bottle of designer jewellery cleaner, such as Amorian Water, along with the included container, and wash the diamonds according to the instructions.

Platinum jewelry:
A. Platinum jewelry is stained with oil or bleach. The oil will affect the gloss of the jewelry; bleach may cause spots on the jewelry.
B. Do not wear platinum personalised necklace cheap and gold jewelry at the same time, because the texture of gold is soft. If rubbed against each other, the gold powder will adsorb on the platinum, which will turn the platinum yellow and affect the pure luster unique to platinum.
C. If worn frequently, platinum jewelry should be washed once a month as much as possible to maintain a shiny luster. It can be cleaned with special jewelry cleaner or it can be cleaned by itself. The correct method is: squeeze the toothpaste on the towel and rub it away, rub the platinum my name necklace back and forth on it with your hand, remove the fine lines and dirt on the surface, and then wash it with diluted household detergent, then rinse with water, The gloss can be restored as new.

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