Simple Ways You Can Save On Your Winter Heating Bills

For many, winter is a pleasing season of cozy nights and holidays. However, this is also the time when electricity consumption is at its peak. Frequent uses of heating equipment bring huge heating bills that eat away most of the monthly savings. As per the Energy Department, a family pays more than $2000 on an average per year for utilities.

Sounds surprising?
Well, there is good news. Using simple tips to save energy in winters can help you reduce your bills by 25%. 

Saving on heating bills is no rocket science. Check out these:

Opt for Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat can be a significant energy saver. It gives you the benefit of setting the temperature in advance for different times of the day as per the day activities. There are also some advanced models designed to store up to four temperature settings every day. For every setting, there is a manual override switch. Few other models allow 5 days and 2 days settings, for working days and weekends. Choosing the right thermostat can save energy bills up to 10-20%.

Shut the Doors of Rooms or Chimney

Any open space can increase the effort of a heater to warm up space which in turn will reflect in bills. If you are not using any room, it is advisable to shut the doors, so that cold air is locked in its place. The experts at suggest covering the fireplace, as it is one of the primary ways of heat loss. It would be better if you limit the use of the fireplace. In case, you want to use the fireplace, install a set of glass fireplace doors. It will seal the heat and let you enjoy the glow of the fire. When a fireplace is no longer in use, a chimney balloon or a woolen chimney insulator can be inexpensive and simple ways to stop any cold air circulation.

Choose Right Curtain for Winters

In winters, it is wise to hang thick curtains with a thermal lining to stop the loss of heat through windows. Go for lining the existing curtains with cheap fleece, if you don’t want to expand your expenses. Keep all the windows covered every night. This simple yet effective tip can make a visible difference in your energy bills, especially at the end of the year. In the day time do not forget to open the curtains so that the rooms get heated naturally with sunshine.

Replace Non-working Furnace Filter 

Changing filters of forced air-furnace every month in winter is necessary for its smooth functioning and saving on energy bills. If kept in good condition, it can save you up to 5% on your energy bills. The filter has another benefit; it also reduces the entry of dust inside and keeps the air clean.

Always keep a few extra filters, especially in winters to change them every month. To avoid frequent reinstallation, you can opt for reusable washable filters that last for almost 5 years.

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