Taking Uluru Tours to the Next Level

Life is full of reasons that can get you stressed out completely. According to doctors, one of the best ways to get de-stressed is to go out on vacations with your family or friends. There are several places that you can visit during a vacation. You may either visit different cities within your own country or even go on an international tour. Talking about foreign tours, one of the best places to visit is Australia. It offers multiple places of attraction that can entertain different types of travelers with varied tastes and preferences. One such place is the central Australia or the region of Uluru.

There are several types of tours that you can chose from for a proper tour of central Australia. However, since these are priced differently, you need to check the different packages and choose the one that fits your budget and also provides sufficient duration for you to enjoy the tour. You will come across 4-day tours or 3-day tours or even overnight tours to Uluru. Their prices differ based on the duration of the tours and the type of vehicle that you choose for the tour. Here are some of the tour options for you to choose from.

  1. 4-Days/3-Nights: These types of Uluru Tours the Rock are ideal for those of you who have booked flights reaching and leaving Ayers Rock Airport. Such packages include visits to various places such as Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, and Uluru. Once the tour gets over, you will get dropped off at the airport at Ayers Rock. You will be able to camp out in the open and spend nights sleeping in sleeping bags. You will be able to enjoy the Uluru sunrise and sunset and also go on a 2-hour Base Walk.
  2. 3-Days/2-Nights: This type of tour leaves from Alice Springs and also returns to the same location once the tour ends. Although the package inclusions remain the same as the above package, the duration of the tour is shorter by a day. Since it involves camping out in the open, it is suggested that you carry fly nets to keep you from mosquito bites. You also need to carry sufficient warm clothes and big sized water bottles that you can easily fill at Ayers Rock.
  3. Overnight Tours: Most of you prefer to go out on short tours every now and then. Such tours are especially good for locals. If you are also a local and wish to visit Uluru during a weekend, then the Overnight Uluru Tour will be a good option for you. It involves a 2-day and 1-night duration. You will be able to camp out in the open for a night at Ayers Rock Campground in sleeping bags. You will also be able to witness the Uluru sunrise and sunset and take a 2-hour walk in Kata Tjuta. Proper warm clothes, fly net and water bottles are necessary for such a short duration tour, as well. Pickup and drop will be from Ayers Rock Airport.

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