How To Efficiently Keep Your House Clean With A Baby

motherhood and cleaning the house

Hey new moms and dads, you know why you clicked here. Asking yourself, “how do I keep my house clean with this newborn baby?” I’m sure many out there have asked this question. The same was for me too. It’s a difficult task trying to keep your house clean while having your little person around you. You're tired, worried and overwhelmed with all these decisions making in your household. It happens when you’re a mom. Here are 10 tips I have under my sleeves for how to keep your house clean while watching your little one. Let’s get started!

#1: Buy yourself an automatic vacuum cleaner
It’s the perfect AI for you. Simply turn on the device and it will get the job done. While it vacuums, you can start focusing on other chores. Another benefit to this is how the automatic vacuum is cordless, the baby won’t be able to play with the cords, which can be a big distraction for both you and your baby.

#2: Create a cleaning schedule
Yes, this should be the first step to have in mind. This helped me throughout my broke college student years, whereas everything was in a much simpler time, now that the baby is on board, I was well-prepared for the storm. Have a plan in mind, whether it’s with yourself or with your husband. Create a spreadsheet or buy a calendar and write down what needs to be done first.

#3: Get your family involved
Since we were talking about being organized, why not have your family involved? If it’s just you and your husband, that’s fine as well! Have that calendar/spreadsheet, which I talked about earlier, and start discussing who gets to clean what part of the house and what time. For example, you, the mother, will clean the living room and kitchen during the morning, then once your husband gets home from work, he starts cleaning the bathroom and the other rooms, or vice versa. Remember, you and your family are a team!

#4: Invest in a new baby monitor
If you decide on cleaning your house while your newborn is fast asleep, why not purchase a baby monitor? As I stated earlier, this is the best investment you can get as a mom. Making sure your house is all fresh and dandy; additionally, you can keep track of your baby.

#5: White noise machine 
Since you bought a baby monitor to keep track of your little one, why not save up for a white noise machine? For instance, If your child is sleeping, having a white noise in the background will keep your little guy asleep. Keep in mind that to keep the noise at a safe level for the baby. Make sure it’s not too loud, which can be harmful for the baby’s hearing. Regardless, It will help promote babies to sleep more smoothly. Trust me, your newborn will appreciate it!

#6: Don’t stress yourself too much
I know making your house looking fresh is nice and all, but try not to stress yourself too much, take a chill pill. Start from the living room first, since it’s the heart of the house. Get that finished, then maybe hang out with your child for a bit or listen to some nice tunes/podcasts. From there, work your way up to the kitchen and to the rest of the rooms. It’s all about keeping yourself occupied as you do your chores.

#7: Multi-task at it’s finest
If you are trying to switch rooms during your cleaning time, why not pick up a couple of toys that fell off the counter. Maybe the blanket needs to be clean, so why not put it in the laundry since you’re heading that direction anyway. Wash the dishes and clean your hands at the same time3. Probably go clean the fridge while writing what to buy in Costco for your next meal prep. The smallest things around the house do count and can make your life easier if you just do it.

#8: Be involved with your child (multitask continue)
Your child can’t sleep and keeps bothering you while you scrub that dirt off the floor? You know what they say, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Usually, I would play a game with my kids, such as “Peek-a-boo,” imitating games or even“iSpy” (iSpy usually works for toddlers). Maybe they just want to be with you, so have a baby strap and wrap it around you and your child, then start chatting. Get your cleaning duties done, and at the same time, connect with your child even more.

#9: Keep your child entertained with their favorite toy
If you really don’t have time to chat with the kids because of something important you need to prepare for, then keep them entertained with their favorite toys. I’m not trying to say that you need to spoil your kids and buy everything at Target or Walmart, but maybe have a couple of toys they might like. Boys can probably get a basketball with a hoop because you know, the ball is life right? For the girls, you can get them a cute little doll (make sure it’s not small enough for them to swallow it).

#10: Create a spot destination for everything
I would usually have a basket for every room, normally for cleaning utilities or treasure boxes to put all the toys in one area. It can be used for anything, to be honest. It just helps to stay organized with everything.

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