Legit Sites to Look for an Online Job 2020

The number of people looking for online jobs gets higher this year. It seems like people prefer the work from home setup than the office-based. Work from home is the best choice for a mommy like me. I can get to look after my children right before, after, or even while working. If you are someone that prefers convenience, flexibility, and not having to deal with the traffic of daily commute, then this post is for you.

It was 5 years ago when I posted legit websites where you can apply for online jobs. I have not updated that posts since then, so I thought you would appreciate a brand new post. Please bear in mind that some of these websites require fees but some do not. However, rest assured that all the links in this post are legit and paying!

1. Streetbees.com
2. liveops.com
3. t.sayabc.com
4. thechatshop.com
5. acx.com
6. joinupvoice.com
7. Remote.co
8. Pangian
9. remotive.io
10. power to fly
11. skip the drive
12. lets work remotely
13. careers.enterprise.com
14. proofreading.org
15. weworkremotely.com
16. flexjobs.com
17. remoteok.io
18. Jobspresso.com
19. VIPKid
20. italki

Now, you already have the list, go ahead and find your perfect job! Goodluck!

Watch out for the part 2 post!

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