#HEALTH Just Started My Keto Diet Journey

Ever since I gave birth to Sidney (2016), I started to notice a lot of changes in my health. Well, given the fact that giving birth changed my physical body, nothing upsets me about that. What really bothers me is I get weaker. I got too busy taking care of the kids and working at the same time that I neglected my health. I easily get tired and most of the time, I felt sick. I used to perform well in my tasks but not anymore. I was honest to my husband about how I felt. He suggested us to work out every morning. Well, we did not consider going to gym, instead we woke up at 5 am, jogged and worked out. But when work started to line up, I missed few days of working out (until I forget about it). Scenario was always lost and gain weight over and over. 

I was weighing more or less 150 lbs (January 2020). Taking my toddler to shower and cleaning the house in the morning is enough to exhaust me, which was not normal. I am always sleepy, especially when working... not normal either. Well, just 4 years ago 5 hours of sleep was enough, my stomach felt filled easily, and I was feeling healthy. I missed those times. So, I decided to focus more at my health this time around. 

I searched the internet for the perfect diet for me and lead me to KETO DIET. It is basically a low carbs diet; 10% carbohydrates, 25% protein, and 75% fat. Basically, you are only allowed to eat healthy fats, eggs, meat, poultry, seafood, and low carb veggies. I gathered a lot of information about Keto Diet just to make sure this is the best for me. 

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I had to take notes of the do's and don'ts in terms of food intake. I increased my water intake which helps a lot in keeping me feel full. I also incorporate a daily workout to strengthen my core and for faster weigh loss. 

It is my 10th day of doing Keto Diet, and I lose 3 inches in my waist! I am pretty sure I trimmed few pounds, I just cannot give numbers because I do not have weighing scale yet.

At the first 4 days of Keto Diet, I think I experienced what they call Keto Flu.  It was awful, my head and body wanted rest so bad! That lasted for 2-3 days, and I did not took any medication since I know my body was still adjusting of the very low carb intake. It was quite hard especially with the temptation not to eat rice! Taking out sugar in my system is quite easy since I am really not fond of sweets. But it was too hard at first to take a black coffee. I needed to add little sugar just for me to be able to finish a cup. Then I found out I could buy stevia or Equal Gold for my coffee which are Keto approved.

Here are sample photos of my meals:

I do not do fasting yet but I only eat when I am hungry. I am going to update you guys about my journey and post my before and after photos maybe in 3 months. 

Right now, I am so happy with little improvements I noticed with my body and health. I believe I can do this!

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