Do's and Don'ts for Couples for a Lasting Relationship

Marriage is a continuous learning process, you learn from each other everyday. Cultivating a strong marriage is not easy because it takes time and work from each other.

We want to share some do’s and don'ts for partners for a healthy and lasting relationship.

Compliment your partner - It doesn’t mean you have to shower your partner with compliments every second of every day. Calling him handsome or her pretty, is enough to make their day! Also, like when you tell your partner that you love the food she prepared. You are letting your partner know that you appreciate her effort. When your partner receives a compliment, it makes her feel really good about herself. It will radiate in her personality and how she will treat you in return.

Go out on a date - Even if you already have children, going on a date is something partners should make time for. A quick dinner date after a busy day will surely make a difference. It allows both of you to enjoy each other’s company more and spend quality time together.

Engage in conversation - Asking each other how your days went is a good way to start a conversation.Find topics, there are always things to talk about everyday, like jobs, politics, movies, or music. Engaging in a healthy conversation with your partner allows your relationship to grow and build trust. Listening to each other, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company is definitely a great way to nurture your partner.

Effort - Make an effort everyday to show how much you love your partner. Simple gestures like preparing breakfast, making coffee, or leaving a note could mean a lot to your partner. A short phone call while your partner is at work can be sweet, too. Keep in mind that it should be give and take, and both should participate.

Sleep angry - Arguments are very normal in a relationship. Do not go to bed with your anger because it may trigger emotional or mental health problems. Settle any issues before you sleep for peace of mind, good night sleep, and a beautiful morning ahead.

Make money an issue - When money becomes an issue, it might head for divorce. The main causes of financial issues are greediness, selfishness, and unorganized plans. Finances should be managed accordingly to steer clear of any conflicts.

Keeping a secret - If you have a partner who is constantly hiding important things from you like lying, protective of the cell phone, and avoiding you, you are not in a healthy relationship anymore. These acts can be signs of lack of respect in a relationship. There are easy ways to figure out if your partner is concealing something from you based on their behavior.

Now that we have discussed the do’s and don’ts of a relationship, talk to your partner and discuss your goals together. Sit and write down all your goals. Figure out a way to grow together to maintain respect and companionship. Committing to staying honest and making another happy is a key to falling deeply in love with each other.

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