Everyone is affected of the pandemic, Covid-19. It is still uncertain how many days it would take for the virus to be contaminated so all of us could go back to our normal lives. But we cannot stop, we have to work, and go out. As soon as the lockdown is over, finally people are allowed to go out. That means, we are exposing ourselves more without a choice. 

There had been a lot of changes from our normal; most businesses shut down, while other companies prefer the work from home setup. For students, homeschooling seems to be the new normal. Taking the public transport vehicles will not be the same anymore since social distancing needs to be exercised. Even in public places, offices, restaurants, churches, and work locations, social distancing would be implemented. We all did not see this coming, did we? See how in a snap, this pandemic changed our daily routine into something you can't imagine possible. 

Nobody wanted this pandemic to happen but it is already here and we can only deal with it. Your family and your own safety has become every individual's responsibility. With our what so called 'new normal' are a number of precautions we should take to make sure we do not take the Covid-19 home to our loved ones. To date, there are no available vaccines yet. The best we can do is to establish the following health precautions:

1. Wear facemask
You have to get used to wearing your facemask on a daily basis every time you are out. Although wearing a mask cannot guarantee you cannot catch the virus, it helps reduce the spread of virus by covering your nose and mouth. It also prevents you from unknowingly passing the virus to others. You just have to make sure not to touch your mask or face unless your hands are clean. It is better to have some cover than none. 

2. Wash your hands regularly
Everywhere you go, you touching things, surfaces, money, mobile phones, and accumulating bacteria. By washing your hands, you washed away the bacteria and prevents you from getting the virus. Remember that the virus can be transmitted through droplets when the infected person cough or sneezes. This droplets can fall on your skin or clothing. Proper hygiene and keeping our whole body clean everyday is one of your ultimate weapons to battle the bacteria and virus in the air.

3.  Bring alcohol
Department of Health recommends to use 70% solution alcohol. Virus can be transmitted from handling cash or touching surfaces. If you do not have any access to water and soap, having an alcohol in handy is the best way to go. You need to keep a small bottle of alcohol in handy at all occasion especially when you are outside. Make a habit to spray alcohol on your hands when you touched any surfaces in a public setting or even when shopping.

4. Avoid crowded areas
After lockdown, it can be ungovernable at times to control the volume of people in certain occasions. However, every one has to take individual responsibility for our own safety and avoid crowded areas. Even with your facemask on, flocking could catch you virus especially if you stay close to a crowd for a long time.

5. Sanitize your things regularly
The only good side, the virus forces all of us to be clean as possible at all times. Sanitizing your bags, wallets, grocery items, umbrella, house is now a must if you wanted the bacteria to lure away around you. For sanitazion, there are a lot of cleaning products you can easily get from stores. 

6. Keep shoes or slippers outside
Never take your shoes or slippers inside your house as it may carry bacteria or virus from outside. It would be better if you do regular cleaning to make sure virus won't room your footwear. 

7. Take your vitamins
It is necessary to take your vitamins or prescriptions to at least strengthen our immune system. It will keep help strengthen your body and mind healthy and 

8. Eat healthy foods
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be too much for some but atleast try your best to eat healthy real foods. The foods we eat can also affect our health. By maintaining a healthy nutrition, our body can reduce the risk of sickness and improves our lifespan. A balanced diet benefits body and mind.

9. Water!
Stay hydrated! Taking adequate amount of water is very important for our immune system, and it keeps you healthy, too! 

Let us do our share to stop this pandemic by practicing health precautions above. Be sensible and were near of how we used to be. Stay safe everyone!