Life is unpredictable, you may never know what happens next and who you will meet. Same way with relationships, people either stay or leave. 
Every relationship goes through different challenges, regardless how long they have been together. As they say, a relationship will either make you or break you. A couple could all of a sudden end in divorce even after years of happy marriage. 

Here are some of the common relationship issues that cause breakups.

Cheating - Infidelity is the most common issue amongst couples these days. It happens for endless reasons but the most significant reason is because there is not enough love. A partner who experienced being cheated on, often felt worthless and not good enough.

Alcohol and domestic violence - Abuse comes in several forms, like: physical, verbal, assault, or any kinds of aggression toward the partner. This is also one of the most common grounds someone leaves a relationship.

Toxic behaviors like substance abuse should not be tolerated as it may lead to physical abuse. Alcohol and domestic abuse commonly go together.

If your partner manifests violence, that is a red flag. In most cases, females are the victims of abuse and maltreatment. There are several institutions that help victims of violence to get treatment and counselling.

Communication - The less communication, the more misunderstanding it creates. You may sometimes need silence in a relationship for a short period of time. But allowing longer absence of time and communication in a relationship often leads to couples growing apart. When a partner is being too occupied in career or friends, lack of communication may eventuate. A relationship cannot bear up without communication and will most likely escalate arguments.

What to do?
A break-up can make you devastated and depressed. What you have to do are:

LET GO - When after you have made all the possible solutions to save your relationship but you still feel that staying is toxic to your emotional and physical well-being, then it is time to let go before you lose yourself.

MOVE ON - Surround yourself with positive people and always think of positive thoughts. It takes time to heal and so do not pressure yourself.

Counseling - The best solution is find a therapist that can help you process everything and help you avoid negative thoughts. Therapists will help you pick yourself up and will help you feel positive again.

DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF - Do not force yourself to look for a new partner. Getting into a new relationship before you are emotionally ready can trigger a more complicated situation. Sometimes, people who are more vulnerable are those who just experienced a painful break up. Rebound relationships are often short-term due to a not stable emotion. 
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Yes you can miss something, but that is not enough reason to want the person back. Leaving a person who has an inability to realize your worth is a gain and not a loss. Stay on the positive side of life and always remember there are people who can help you get through the storm.