From offering their spaces to conduct drive-thru Coronavirus testing to donating clothes for making masks for healthcare heroes, Goodwill stores have played a vital role in their community through the COVID-19 pandemic- and now, everyone’s donations and business are more crucial than ever before.
If you have a bag full of clothes ready for donation- or can’t wait to search through Goodwill’s racks of hidden treasures again- then you’re lucky. The non-profit organization plans to reopen each location as soon as it’s safe to do so. And with the help of new precautions and donation protocols, this might happen sooner than you think.

Are Goodwill stores open right now?
According to the Goodwill organization websites, stores will reopen regionally according to state and local safety guidelines. Some of the Goodwill donation centers and stores are already open or in the process of opening. For example, according to, Goodwill has reopened 27 retail stores and training centers in Wisconsin back on May 26. If you want to check whether a Goodwill store or donation center is open in your area or not, use the Goodwill locator tool. Click on “Filter” and select “headquarters.” From there, visit your location’s website or give them a call to see if they’re open or not.
Note: Remember, even if a Goodwill store or donation center is open near your locality, there will be new safety measures in place to protect employees and visitors. Stores may follow social distancing by limiting the number of people inside the stores, and everyone might require to wear a mask.

Is Goodwill still taking donations?
Even if your Goodwill donation center near your place isn’t open, you still might be able to make donations. “Nearly half of all Goodwill stores/donation centers are already reopened and are accepting donations with new safety measures. For instance, Goodwill stores are now taking donations directly from the trunk of donor’s vehicles or offering contactless donations to minimize direct contact. According to the Goodwill website, these are the basic safety guidelines that are followed by stores across the United States. 
Tip: If you want to check if the local donation center is open or not, you can use the Goodwill locator tool.

When will all Goodwill stores reopen?
As we still don’t have any vaccine for Coronavirus, it’s really impossible to predict when all the Goodwill stores will reopen. Reopening on stores now largely depends on the state by state safety basis.

Final Words
Most of the Goodwill stores/Donation centers across have opened and are in the process of reopening. As the economy is opening again, and the lockdown is getting over, there are chances that all the Goodwill stores might be sooner than you think.
So, if you’re having a box ready for donation,  there are high chances that the stores near your place are already open. But, do check the local goodwill store website or call them to know whether they’re open or not.