Glass Shower Doors has got to be one of the most significant things you need to take care of in your home. Due to the way they have been designed – stylish and shiny, proper maintenance is needed, so it doesn’t lose its premium-quality and attractive appearance. It is, however, quite unfortunate that most homeowners do not know how to take care of shower doors; therefore, this DIY guide will help out.

Check out the following home remedies to achieve a clean bathroom door; they are inexpensive solutions but proven effective over time.

Using Glass Cleaning Tools such as Squeegee whenever taking shower

One of the easiest ways to get that clean glass shower door is the use of cleaning tools like a squeegee. The advantages that come with using a squeegee cannot be overemphasized, which is why most homes often opt-in for this option. It has been regarded to be effective, regardless of whether the glass door is high-end hydrophobic or not. A squeegee makes sure that sparkling, attractive look of the door appears again by getting rid of causal factors.

On how to use a squeegee: place in contact with the door and apply a minimal amount of pressure. Carefully move the squeegee across different directions of the door until the surface is clean and dry. In specific scenarios, you could make use of a rubber blade to get rid of hard matter.

A cleaning tool like squeegee needs to be used every day so that excellent results can be seen. This squeegee cleans soap scum that contains hard water, soap stains, microbes, and so on, off the door to enhance its looks. The glass door is prevented from damage using this method – especially those caused by dirt. The cleaning process is less time-consuming so that it could be done daily (immediately after a shower).

Spray with Vinegar and Water Solution

Another not-so-complex method you could try out to get rid of unwanted matter from your glass shower door is the vinegar and water solution. This spray cleaning method has been proven to be useful as well because the constituents of the liquid are great removal agents. Also, it is effortless to get the cleaning solution, as they are essential home ingredients.

On how to use a vinegar and water solution: First, get an empty spray bottle. Next, mix white vinegar and water, as well as any other additives in a bowl; however, the water should be more than the vinegar (try ratio 1:3). Leave to settle for a few minutes before transferring into the empty spray bottle. Finally, get a clean, dry towel to wipe while spraying the door.

When making use of a Vinegar and water solution, you should bear in mind that it should become a habit of yours to always clean after every session spent in the bathroom. As long as you have decided to be dedicated to daily cleaning, then you could go ahead to preparing your home solution. Besides, you can always add other things to the solution that you think could be useful, e.g., fragrance. In essence, it is a flexible treatment.

The mixture of Baking Soda and Salt Solution to Clean the Layer of Grime

In some cases, you may need concentrated ingredients to get rid of grime from your shower door. A regular home squeegee may not do it the way you would expect. A practical solution that will help you clean the layer of grime is the mixture of baking soda and salt solution.
Generally, grime is a mineral build-up caused by constituents of the soap and hard water. Sometimes, the grime contains micro-organisms, like bacteria that may have been formed from the germs washed off the body. If the grime isn’t cleaned off on time, the glass surface may become opaque and reduce the stylish and shiny quality of glass.

On how to make the mixture: take two tablespoons of vinegar; another for salt; and if preferred, another for vinegar. Mix the ingredients until it becomes a paste and leave for a few minutes before transferring into an empty spray bottle. Next, spray the content on the glass surface and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Get a sponge to remove the paste; wipe the surface with a clean towel and water.

Cleaning a layer of grime is not so difficult, as long as you have the right agent to do the job; here, a mixture of organic substances should work out fine.

Use Corporate Cleaner Product

Asides those described above, you could decide to go for corporate cleaner products that have been formulated with the right contents to remove harsh substances, like grime. In many homes, corporate cleaner products are not new, because they are used in domestic cleanings. They exist either as detergents or liquid wash; therefore, you can trust their performance on a glass shower door.

An excellent cleaner for your glass shower door is the Sparkle Clean and Stain remover from Fab Glass and Mirror. It is excellent for tough stains. It helps you to easily and quickly get rid of tough soap scum and tough water spots from your shower glass doors. Spray directly on stains or a soft cloth, use a clean cloth to rub gently and wipe off the residue from the glass door. The result is a sparkling clean shower door.

Besides the Sparkle Clean and stain remover, there is the Glass and Mirror foam cleaner, which I highly recommend for your glass doors. This is a low-ammoniated cleaner that does not contain harsh substances and chemicals. The cleaning agents used in the product will leave your glass shower door looking clean and elegant. Just spray on your glass door and wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth.


A Clean glass shower door has a lot to speak about your hygiene, and ultimately, your personality. The details of your glass door show how clean you are, and it is always right to invest in the proper methods that best suit your schedule. Above is a list of simple DIY tips to clean glass shower doors for the most stylish and shiny bathrooms; you could try any of them out and see for yourself.