So you have been dating for quite some time and you're thinking of ways on how to keep the excitement and fun in the relationship. You've both had your share of candlelight dinners, movie nights, strolls in the park, and you spent a lot of money for that out-of-town trip for some quality time. What comes next? Things also got more complicated with the pandemic making people stay at home for extended periods of time. If you're not living together or staying in the same neighborhood, how do you keep dating?

First, both of you need to accept that staying at home is one of the most responsible and loving things you can do for each other. This is especially true if one or both of you already display some symptoms of being sick. Next thing to do is to get tested for possible infection with the novel coronavirus. The assurance of you and your partner were free from the viral infection will bring a lot of relief. Should any of you tested positive, that is also a good thing because it will push you to get the effective and appropriate medical attention you need.

But keep in mind that staying at home need not get negative impact in your relationship. With a little planning, creativity, and willingness to experiment --- the quarantine may even help spice up your love life.

Talent Night

To couples that are in a long distance since lockdown, they are left with no choice but use online apps to meet their partners via FaceTime or Zoom. And for those couples in a long distance relationships during lockdown, here are some ideas! 

How about arranging a Talent Date Night? You could start by setting a date when you and your partner can perform and surprise each other with own talents? Think of something that your boyfriend or girlfriend has not seen you do. Has your partner ever seen you dance? How about a song number? You might feel shy at first but it will be a fun evening for both of you.

If you can't decide on what talent to show, you may consider online singing lessons. Both of you can schedule lessons so you can prepare and practice for that karaoke night celebration with office mates and friends when the quarantine ends. For those that have an old school style and a special couple's theme song, you can try asking your voice coach to start teaching you how to belt out that mushy love song that means a lot to you and your partner.

If you and your mate feels a bit shy in taking lessons, no worries.Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Josh Groban are only a few of many award-winning singers who actually took voice tutorials and sought the expertise of voice coaches to help them in their career. If these divas and divos needed help and took lessons, so can you.

Online Gaming

So okay, you are not high schoolers anymore who are addicted to computer games. But trying it out for date night might resurrect your love for the graphics, sound effects, and challenges of your favorite Playstation e-sport or mobile game. It might also be the case that you are a certified gamer and your significant other is not into it. You can suggest having an online gaming date just to show the other person why you love gaming. Just make sure to have a variety of games available such as first-person shooters, obstacle type games, races, and real-time strategy games. The best ones are the games that you have to play together as a team, and not as competitors from opposite sides although that could be fun, too.

Food Delivery Made Special

All that singing and gaming might work up an appetite. Why not make date night extra special by ordering food delivery for each other. Pull out that smartphone and order your loved one's favorite food and drinks plus dessert and have it delivered to his or her place. While on live video streaming, have a formal candlelight dinner and enjoy the food that you ordered for each other. If you want it casual, you can go on Netflix and watch the same movie or episode from your favorite series. Watch the show while eating on the couch to make it really comfortable.

Real Talk Online

For something more intimate, you can set aside time to have a video call and make one person do all the talking for about 30 minutes or more, while the other person just listens attentively. This date is all about going back to the fundamentals of heartfelt communication between couples. It's a listening exercise that will reap benefits for the relationship, for sure. So, the one who is supposed to talk can share thoughts about working from home, emotions or feelings about the lockdown, hopes for the future, or thoughts on what the couple can do when the lockdown ends such as planning for a trip or visiting family and friends. When the one speaking finishes, the other party will take the turn and do some verbal sharing for the same amount of time. It is a simple idea yet so profound when it comes to deepening a relationship through honest, real, deep communication.

Online Workout

Both of you may have eaten way too much or had been sedentary during the lockdown. To get back on the road to health and fitness, schedule a twice or thrice-a-week online fitness routine. Exercises using one's body weight is very practical and beneficial. Moving that body will help relieve stress and produce endorphins or feel-good hormones that will help both of you overcome any boredom, worry, or anxiety related to the pandemic. In fact, exercise increases the body's production of oxytocin, otherwise known as the 'love hormone'. Committing to a couple's fitness regimen helps level up your health while biochemically enhancing your amorous thoughts and feelings towards your loved one.

These are only a few ideas that couples can try to make things more interesting and productive during the quarantine. Dating is a way to reconnect and enjoy each other's company. Come to think of it, any activity will do as long as you plan and do it together with genuine affection and appreciation