Artificial grass is favorite among many homeowners. With the costs of maintaining a natural lawn, it has since become a popular landscaping solution for many. This unique type of grass is associated with many perks, is durable, and requires less maintenance.


Are you wondering where to acquire your artificial turf products? Realturf is a leading manufacturer of artificial grass. They have a wide variety of designs and variations to match your needs and enhance your comfort. Their products come in three distinctive variations. These are;


High pile range- The high pile range is suitable for moderately used environments. These include; private swimming pools, play areas, tall standing lawns, and high-end green landscapes.


Medium pile range -It's ideal for commonly used environments like play areas with pets and public pools.


Low pile range-These products feature high endurance levels and are ideal for high traffic areas. These are, for example, terraces, commercial balconies, and pet areas.



What's the best artificial turf for kids?

Your kids' safety is of the essence when deciding on the products to use in your home. And this not only applies to artificial grass but also many other appliances in your home. When we talk of artificial grass, all products have distinct characteristics, and it's critical to pick the best.


1. Contains no traces of lead

Lead poses severe health hazards, and you don't want your kids and pets to get exposed to it. Many artificial turf products never get tested for lead, which is particularly true for Chinese turf products. The best way to ascertain whether your artificial turf contains lead is through testing. Buy your grass from the right places, and know its origin. Avoid recycled artificial turf because you won't know where it comes from and won't get the trailing paper.


2. The best turf is highly permeable.

Kids play all sorts of things and can get messy. It's advisable to acquire an artificial turf product with permeable backing; it will wash everything away, making it ideal for kids. The best artificial grass should also have better drainage.


3. Hypoallergenic

Some kids suffer from hay fever, making artificial turf the best solution for young families. Natural grass can cause allergies and symptoms like itchy eyes, sneezing, hives, breathing difficulties, and stuffy nose. The best artificial turf product is hypoallergenic. With this type of grass, your children will play outside in all seasons and still stay healthy.


4. Thick thatch

The best artificial turf has a high stitch count and a thicker thatch. It also has a more extended pile height, which makes the artificial grass more comfortable or kids. It allows for rolling all sorts of play, and will form the best surface for kids of all ages. 


The bottom line

Artificial turf is safe for kids. It's easy and quick to clean and will save you a lot on maintenance costs. To get the best product for your home, shop from accredited dealers, which guarantees quality products. Moreover, seek information on how to best care for your turf, and this ensures durability.