How To Protect your Fur or Leather Garments after Dry Cleaning


American Dry Cleaning Company are proud to offer their specialist suede, leather and fur dry cleaning and conditioning services to their customers.

American Dry Cleaning Company can carefully clean and condition a range of suede, sheepskin and leather garments and good including suede jackets, fur coats, leather or fur-trimmed gloves, sheepskin rugs, motorcycle leathers and leather handbags. They can also re-wax your Barbour jackets to make them waterproof and ready for wet weather.


Their team of natural material cleaning and treatment experts deliver exceptional results and we have many thousands of happy customers. Their technical expertise and knowledge about the care of your fur and leather items also come in useful for helping their customers look after their items long after they have cleaned them and handed them back.


In this post, we offer some tips about taking care of your fur and leather items once they have been dry cleaned and conditioned.


Protect fur and leather from dust

Unless you choose to wear your leather jacket, sheepskin or fur coat every day, you should keep these items protected from dust by storing them in a 100% cotton garment bag. Using a cotton garment bag will enable your natural fur or leather garment to breathe.


Never store your leather or fur garment in a plastic bag. Using a plastic bag to keep dust away may sound like a good idea, but natural materials need good air circulation to keep the skin from drying out and cracking.


Prevent matted fur

Natural fur can easily become matted if you leave jewellery pinned to it. Remember to remove any brooches, badges or jewel pins from your fur coat or the fur-trimmed lapels of your coat before storing it away.


When wearing your fur coat, don't use a shoulder bag because the strap can damage the fur fibres and wear away the fur, leaving a bald spot on the shoulder.


Keep your collars grime-free

For leather and fur-trimmed jackets, it can be helpful to wear a scarf around your neck to help prevent the build-up of dirt and grime from hairspray, make-up and residue from perfume and aftershave from soiling your jacket and coat collars.


Your natural skin oils, sweat and residue from make-up and perfume can negatively affect the natural fibres of your garment. Try to avoid reapplying perfume or hairspray while wearing your coat. A lot of perfumes and sprays contain oils and alcohol that can penetrate the jacket collar, which can act to dry out the hide, discolour it, and make the garment smell bad.


Dry carefully after getting wet

Getting caught in the rain or snow in the UK is going to be pretty inevitable. Make sure you shake out your fur coat or leather jacket to rid it of as much moisture as possible. Hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room and don't be tempted to dry your coat or jacket with a hairdryer, or try to dry it in a tumble dryer – this would spell disaster!


Once your fur or leather coat is dry, simply smooth over the fur with your hands to fluff it up. Do not brush the fur as this can strain the fibres.


Do you have any fur or leather items that need specialist dry cleaning? Why not book a specialist leather and fur dry cleaning service today. American Dry Cleaning Company even offer a free collection and delivery service!

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