Important Facts about Aquasana Water Filter

It feels very refreshing to take a clean glass of water when you are thirsty, after a meal or even when it’s hot in the day. It is reassuring to know that your water is clean and safe for your body. It is also common knowledge that water is one essential need of the body and it is very vital to always stay hydrated.

For some persons, staying hydrated means taking in any kind of water. This is wrong and can be more harmful than one ever imagined. Drinking unclean water can lead to sicknesses such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and the rest. Certainly, no one desires ill health for themselves hence the need to be more cautious about what you drink.

To avoid getting into situations where you will resort to taking water that you are not certain about its purity, there are recommended measures that can be sued for purification purposes to prevent any form of contamination. Measures like Aquasana water filters that are designed to effectively purify, making any water supply safe for human consumption and use for other household activities.

Aquasana filter helps to ensure your water is about 95 percent free from chlorine and chloramines. It can also remove lead, turbidity, mercury and a number of other unwanted elements up to 99 percent. The filter comes in different affordable options which range from whole house filters, drinking filters to shower filters.  There’s a whole lot of benefit that you can get from using Aquasana but let’s have a quick look at how it works.

How Aquasana Filter Works

 There are basically 3 stages your water undergoes to ensure it is clean enough for consumption. These are described below.

1.       The first stage involves the trapping of sediments and impurities. This is called the pre-filter stage, where large particles of dirt and impurities are trapped from entering your pipes.

2.       The second involves the removal of chemical compounds that are not needed in the supply like chloramines. This is done through the activation of carbon to act like magnet which attracts them and prevents them from going through the pipes.

3.       The last stage involves chemical reactions that lead to the reduction of chlorine and other chemicals. In this stage, chemical elements that couldn’t be removed in the first and second stage are finally trapped.


Using Aquasana filters does not involve much maintenance efforts. There are components put together to achieve the work that would have been your job if you are using manual filters.

The basic thing to do in maintaining your Aquasana filtration system is the regular changing of the filters. For instance, when using the Aquasana machine, it indicates that there is need to change the filter through a constant solid red light. When the red light blinks, it’s an indication that your filtration capacity is at an 80 percent capacity.

Changing your filters once every 3 to 6 months is a good way to keep them effective. This way you are assured of getting fresh clean supply from your Aquasana.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Water Filters for Your Home

The following are some factors to consider in choosing the best Aquasana filtration system for your home:


It is important to know the compositions of the supply in your home. You need to consider this since filters come in varieties which have specification for different contaminants. You need to know exactly what is contained in what you get from tap supply that you intend to filter out. You can have it tested with a sample to know the compositions. If you need help on how to know if your water contains contaminants like lead, you can check here.

Choice of Filter

What does your filter need to remove? Does your tap water have a taste and smell that is disturbing? You can consider going for a filter that comes with activated carbon. This kind of filters can be attached to your tap and are able to remove different kinds of impurities including herbicides and inorganic chemical elements.  You can also consider using simple screening filters (they act as physical sieve) if you have visible particles like grits, dirt and rust in your supply. To an extent this kind of filter can filter microorganisms like cysts or bacteria.

Size and Capacity

Find out the volume of filtration you want your machine to perform. Would you prefer to filter only the one you drink or would you want to filter the one flowing in the entire house? These are important questions you need to answer as filters come with different capacities. They range from the simple form which is like a small countertop piece to a complex filter for the whole house.

Everyone loves to live a healthy life. We want to be alive for our loved ones and to enjoy the free gift of life. Well, using Aquasana offers a high chance of having healthy water that the benefits cannot be overemphasized. It is not just drinking a lot of water that keeps one healthy but making sure it is clean and devoid of contaminants. When your supply is free from chemicals and other contaminating elements, your health improves and your skin glows.

These are some important facts about Aquasana filters. If you need tips on how to purify your water at home you can check here:


Hydration is a major part of human existence. While some people may just be comfortable with taking any available water, it is imperative to check the composition before drinking. This is because the purity of what one drinks goes a long way in determining how healthy they are.

While it remains vital to maintain a healthy liquid intake, it is even more vital to ensure that all the processes involved in the passage of water in your home are monitored to ensure that it is pure. There are several recommended filters available in the market and one of them is Aquasana. With this filter, you are sure to have access to clean water good enough for your health.

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