Mamas-Are you Ready to Keep Your Baby Warm This Winter?

Winters are here. Brrr!!

The chills have started to seep through your body. While everyone can take care of themselves during these months, keeping a child and that too a newborn baby warm can be extremely challenging.

It's very important to use safe practices during the baby's first year. Any misses might increase the risk of suffocation. So, here are some tips to keep your baby safe and warm during those bone-chilling winter months. 

Let's Start With Basics- Let The Sun in
Nothing can replace the warmth of sunlight. It's the same when you think about tips and tricks around keeping your baby warm. Just letting the sunshine into your baby's room will be a good start to add that extra bit of warmth. And the best part is that you get all of that without paying a single cent.

Just leave the curtains open during the day, and let the room absorb the light to keep the room warm. In cases where tree branches hinder the light's path, it's better to get the trees trimmed. That way, you can ensure the proper use of sunlight. 

Using the Appropriate Home Heating System
Using a home heating system allows new moms to avoid mistakes that might make their babies uncomfortable during the winter months. Although there are many options available, such as natural gas, or electrical heating systems, suggest using oil-based heating systems. Why is that? It's because there is a plentiful supply of fuel oils and the prices are overall lesser than its counterparts. Hence, you can enjoy the winter months by keeping your baby comfortable.

However, if you go for space heaters, make sure that they are cool to touch, especially if your child has started crawling or taken those first steps already. That way, you can ensure safety at the same time. 

Reassess Temperature Using Thermostat
Experts advise keeping the baby's room temperature a little higher than what you have around your house. Going for temperatures between 70 to 72 degrees can help keep the room warm enough for your child.

Using a thermostat in your baby's room will help you achieve the right temperature quickly. Plus, it will help you keep a check on the temperature, thereby ensuring that the room is not too warm. 

Seal The Windows or Use Insulated Curtains
The easiest way to keep the room warm is to close the curtains once the sunlight goes away. That way, you can avoid leaking the heat through gaps. The other way is to seal the windows and keep the room warm by letting the heat inside the room for the maximum time frame.

You can either replace old windows with sealed options available or use sealants around your windows to keep the room warm. 

To Sum it Up
Using the right tools or elements to keep the baby's room warm is very important. Why? Overheating can affect your baby with SIDS. So, you must gauge every factor minutely to make your baby comfortable during those chilly winter months.

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