How to Explain Healthy Living to a Child


When your kids tend to get little exercise, eat too much junk food or engage in a number of other unhealthy habits, it may be time to explain and promote healthy living to them. While healthy living might seem to some kids like a dry topic, making it relatable and helping them engage in healthy activities on a daily basis can help change that perception and put them in a position to take care of their health as they grow older. Whether you want to focus on starting to supplement their diet with Wellementsprobiotic drops and doing a deep dive into nutritional facts about the difference between pre and probiotics or you just want to motivate them to go outdoors more and get moving, here are some tips for explaining healthy living and promoting a healthy lifestyle right at home.

Demonstrate the Benefits of Staying Active

Kids often learn better through showing and not telling, so if you want to encourage your young ones to get outdoors and get moving, you may have to lead by example. When they see you exercising, they may be more inclined to view exercise in a positive light and try it themselves. When you work out or your kids go out to play, you can take that opportunity to open discussions about why regular movement helps keep their bodies and minds at their best. Some family exercise options that you can enjoy together include:

         Gentle hikes on safe terrain

         Walks through the local neighborhood

         Backyard games of soccer or basketball

Reiterate the Importance of Family Meal Time and Balanced Diets

When it comes to promoting good health habits for life, perhaps one of the most important habits to teach is how to eat a balanced diet. You can take the approach of explaining the food groups to your children first, of course, but then underscore the theory by practicing what you preach at family meal time every night. Be sure to load up your children’s plates with plenty of immune boosting foods for kids and babies, and talk about the nutrients each food provides. Make sure the dishes are presented in a tasty and appealing way, too, to ensure that kids won’t shy away from them before giving them a try.

Get Kids Involved in Home Chores and Explain the Importance of Each

Since one of the best strategies for teaching kids is to help them learn by doing, try involving your kids more in chores around the house. As they help you prepare healthy meals or get moving as you dust the house, you can explain the importance of living a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle for health and how each activity contributes to this larger goal.

Healthy habits start at home, and whether your kids have already picked up less-than-ideal health habits like forgoing exercise and overindulging in fast food or you simply want to preempt poor habits in the first place, explaining the importance of healthy living is essential. By having frank conversations with your children, modeling a good behaviour and practicing healthy habits with them every day, you can help transform their perception of health and encourage them to take care of themselves daily.

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