Keep Kids Productive with These Activities

Kids often have a lot of energy to burn, and keeping them busy during school days can be manageable. However, many parents find it challenging to keep their children busy and productive during vacation from school. Since most parents are busy with work, household chores, or other responsibilities, it may not be easy to give them undivided attention.


Studies show teenagers spend an average of seven hours a day on their phones, while children between eight and 12 years old spend about four hours a day on them. While smartphones are a good source of information and entertainment, extended screen time can have detrimental effects on a child's mental and physical health. This includes poor focus and eyesight, and can also contribute to a sedentary lifestyle and obesity. This is why parents are encouraged to lessen their children's screen time and have them focus on more productive activities that can hone their talent and skills. Here are some suggestions from specialists.


Let Them Play Musical Instruments

Many are not aware of how music can boost a child's motor skills, social, and emotional well-being. It helps them express themselves and discover talents they were not aware they had. Of course, your child's input is important. Children often show fondness over their interests, and if you find your child interested in playing the piano, you can ask if he or she would like to take lessons with a piano instructor.If your child gets excited by the idea, you can ask local instructors or music schools for available schedules and also start shopping around for a good piano for children or beginners.


Learn a New Language

Learning a new language opens new doors of opportunities, and starting them young is a great idea. Children are great, adaptive learners and acquiring a new skill such as speaking a new language can be easier at their age compared to adults.The good news is, if you have the time, you and your child can learn a new language together, making it a great bonding moment. You can start by reading children's books with translations and DVDs or CDs with language guides. Nowadays, you can also find movies that have subtitles, making it easier to understand them. You can also opt to enroll your child at a language school.


Engage Them in Sports

One great way to keep your child productive during vacation is sports. Whether it is basketball, baseball, running, gymnastics, or whichever sport your child is interested in, it will help boost confidence, promote camaraderie and leadership, as well as improve sleep and cardiovascular health. Nowadays, children have already become prone to stress due to changes in their environment and social issues. Sports can help them overcome stress and focus on engaging activities that are important to them.If your child has shown interest in a particular sport, show your support by asking them about any events they would like to participate in. You can also provide sports equipment and clothing that will make playing their favorite sport even more fun.


There are many ways on how you can help your children have a fun yet productive school break vacation. Just make sure to ask them about which one they are particularly interested in to ensure they are having fun while doing it. It is important for them to have a say on which productive activity they would like to participate in. You can also help them choose which ones may suit them best if they are not sure what to pursue. Keep in mind that it should be interesting for them to make sure it is worthwhile.

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