Each year, more than a thousand children are treated for the injuries caused by baby gates. As a parent, one is always concerned about the safety of her child. This is even more so if you have a newborn baby to look after. 

Getting a baby gate becomes a top priority for parents so that they can work while remaining assured that the child is safe behind the safety gate. The market is filled with different types of safety gates, and you need to know which one would be the best for your child's protection. 

To that end, baby gates with cat door reviewed by Modern Baby Advice is a wonderful collection of reviews on baby gates to help you choose the best one. Read the this article to get the hang of the most important factors to consider before buying a safety gate. 

Choose the Right Baby Gate for Your Home

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Baby safety gates come in different sizes and with varied forms of installation. Determine where you need to put the gate in your home. Look at the following factors before choosing a baby safety gate:
  • The amount of space available to put the gate.
  • The height of the safety gate that is required to keep the child safe.
  • The safety gate that would be most convenient, as per your personal requirements.
Further, you need to assess the slat spacing and the space between the bottom of the gate and the surface of the floor. 

Installing a Permanent-Mounted Safety Gate

Pressure-mounted gates are much more preferable than the hardware-mounted gates since the former are held tight by tension. All you need to do is to unscrew the holders. These gates are the best choice if you are living in rented accommodation since no drilling is required on the walls, as it is in the case of hardware-mounted gates. 

However, pressure-mounted safety gates are not as strong as hardware-mounted gates, which aren't as likely to fall in. If installed correctly, the permanent-mounted gates can easily tolerate the pressure exerted by adults. 

The Use Of Extensions

You need to be careful while using extensions with the main safety gate. In the case of a broad hallway, it may seem plausible to employ a smaller safety gate and use extensions to cover the necessary areas. However, the more you use extensions, the further it tends to weaken the entire structure. This happens because extensions are in themselves the weak points.

Also, if you have to use extensions, make sure that you follow the instructions laid out by the manufacturer.

Upgrade The Gates With The Age Of Your Child

With increasing age, children become stronger, and at the same time, they become more prone to injuries if the safety gate does not suit their age. As your child grows, it is advised to install a stronger and bigger gate. Or, you may buy a larger gate beforehand itself so that you do not need to replace it often.

Most gates will mention what they're intended for. Look out for the user manual before making a purchase. A gate meant to protect an infant will be significantly different from the one made to protect an adventurous toddler. 

Ensure The JPMA Certification

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The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association Certification helps you know that the manufacturer has taken the necessary steps to make the product safe. Ensuring the presence of the JPMA certificate indicates that there are fewer chances of injury because of the safety gate. 

While a JPMA certificate is not a guarantee of protection from any untoward incident or injury, it is still an important point of safety for the parents. In the absence of a standard certification, you might remain uncertain and concerned about the quality and safety assurance. 

Limit The Level Of Foothold

Baby Safety Gates either have mesh, or they come with an accordion-style design. The latter is not safe for installation as children may see it as a challenge to be conquered. On the other hand, some gates are only decorative in nature and do not serve their purpose. 

Mesh or cloth gates are best suited for infants who are yet to start crawling. However, as a child grows up, their capacity to climb over a gate also increases. As such, make sure that you are certain about the strength and height of the safety gate. 

Finding The Best Safety Gate

You may need to remember the aforementioned points when choosing the best safety gate for your child. Further, you can make use of nanny cams to keep an eye on the activities of the baby. 

A report published by The Huffington Post points to the advantages of how baby gates are a reliable way of securing the safety of your child. It is not an exaggeration to state that safety gates are the topmost priority for many parents. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it helped you in choosing the best gate for your baby.