Save Money with Freebies


Many companies and manufacturers offer unbeatable discounts and freebies for their customers. The companies do this to attract and woo customers into using their products. You, the customer, thus get to try and even use their products without spending any money or very little on the purchase. Outlined below are some of the reasons companies offer freebies.


1. To Win Customers Over

While giving out products for free might seem counter intuitive, this strategy does indeed help improve sales on the said products. Most customers are more likely to buy a product after trying it first, explaining why companies offer freebies. 

2.  To build product/brand awareness

Freebies provide a perfect avenue for companies to introduce a product and build their brand as well. As more and more customers sign up for these products or get them in supermarkets, the more they'll learn about the brand, hence want to try their other products. Such brings about brand awareness and customer loyalty in the process.

3.  To Eliminate Uncertainty

Most customers are hesitant, especially when it comes to buying products they have never used before. They will also ignore products from brands they know very little about. Nevertheless, offering hand-outs in the form of free stuff and samples gives the customer a chance to try the product first. It is after they have tried the product that they will decide if it's worth it or not. Many customers will more often than not buy a product after trying their sample product. This is because they at least are certain of the product and how it works.


Why Freebies Are Important

With the cost of living not showing any signs of coming down, more and more people are looking for ways to save money. Very few individuals will pass a free product and coupons offered by manufacturers and other companies. Freebies aren’t just beneficial to the companies but also allow the consumer to save some money in the long run. The average person in the UK can cave up to £1,200 from freebies and coupons. You too, can take advantage of this and start saving from this infographic.

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