Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Rug for Your Living Room


Well, we all know that rugs enhance the feel and aesthetics of the house, but it is also true that finding the perfect area rug is not that easy. A good choice sets each and everything together, and one can say that the “room is finished.” 

It also adds cordiality to any given area and helps to define zones. This post brings some useful tips that will help you to choose the best and the most appropriate large living room rugs so that the space gets a bit of va va voom.

It’s All About the Timing
It is important to choose the rug either first or in the end. For someone who is really keen to leave a mark with the rug to capture attention, make sure to start with the rug and then shape the space around it. However, if you already have the furniture you prefer, the rug can be the supportive component in the greater space. Also, make sure to choose the rug accordingly so that it syncs with the already existing palette in the living area.

Sync Like a Rainbow
Experts suggest following new colours and trends prevailing in the industry. Nevertheless, swapping a rug is an excellent occasion to refresh the living area and get an overhauled look. Thus, it is important to be flexible in order to try different textures as well as colours. 

You can go for ping or earthy red shades, and they do extremely well with navy, tan, mustard, and teal. If you are someone who wants to add tangible pop of shades, then go for soft mauve, peachy terracotta, or faded indigo. Irrespective of the trend or colour you choose, always remember that oversized rugs for living room are not something very comfortable. Get the right fit always.

Size Matters Most 
In context of the previous tip, never pick or place a rug that is very small or very large for the area. Experts suggest that in most areas, a little extra rug creates a huge variance between putting down the space together. Having a little extra length of rug is worth an extra expense. 

The orientation of the room should be your conductor in deciding which way to have the rug running. Use tape to spot the rug as it will help you to envisage the finishing look. This also ensures that the rug is placed in the correct spot from any given angle of the house.

Know What Lies Beneath the Rug
It is crucial to consider the flooring. It is because it is the base of the rug where the rug will be placed on, and certain colours will just do miracles when chosen correctly. For more reference, you can go for warmer toned timbers as they work better with rugs with warmer sheds. On the contrary, light, modern timbers look excellent with navy, grey, and white rugs. 

Irrespective of the style of the rug you choose or have in mind, always choose a reliable rug seller to get a superior quality products. Also, discuss your requirement with the seller in order to get the right fit. Please feel free to share your insights or thoughts regarding the post below in the comment section.

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