How To Give The Family Car A Stylish Makeover


Regardless of the model and style of your vehicle, there are a variety of modifications that can give it a whole new look. As a recent study indicates, almost 70% of those who customize their cars do it to make a personal statement. While employing several changes on your car does not always have to be drastic, doing so can help make you fall in love with it all over again. From thoroughly wiping down each nut and bolt to clearing that speck you got when the kids spilled the yogurt, here are a few tips on how to leave your car feeling and looking fresh.

Reupholster The Seats

No matter the type of upholstery your vehicle has, it is undoubtedly vulnerable to dirt, stains, and spots. While an auto detail can provide your seats a deep clean and a fabric guard serves as protection from the possibility of a future blemish, re-upholstering them with a longer-lasting material like leather makes it a lot easier to clear in case liquid or food is spilled. Not only does it give your car an entirely new look, but the smell of fresh leather is just amazingly good as well.

Tint the Windows

Whether you drive with your windows always up to make you feel safe and secluded or you love going around with the windows down, dust will collect and stay in your vehicle over time. Applied by car enthusiasts to add an extra level of distinction and security to your ride, tinted windows provide automobile owners with a handful of practical purposes. Apart from greatly enhancing their overall appearance, adding tint on windows protects you from harmful UV rays, keeps the car cooler, and greatly improves the air quality inside the vehicle.

Consider Car Detailing

By providing you with perks that go beyond that of a regular car wash, auto detailing can prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. From disinfecting the surface of your vehicle to removing and preventing stains, car detailing allows you to restore your car's interior to its brand-new condition. Well-trained and equipped with special tools, a car detailing professional can employ the best materials and techniques to ensure your vehicle is looking good and performing at its highest level. Although a thorough car wash can remove dirt and debris from both your vehicle’s interior and exterior, car detailing utilizes a mix of hand washes and professional machines to protect your ride, all while giving it a deep clean inside and out.

While it is possible for you and your family to become bored of driving the same car, especially when you’ve been driving it for years, keeping every nook and cranny tidy is one of the best ways to never fall out of love with it. Although modifications such as restoring the upholstery and placing window tints can help boost your ride’s looks, providing the family car with a well-performed car detailing may be the only makeover it actually needs.

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