7 Easy Ways You Can Change Your Old Look This New Year


Are you tired of making that same ponytail for school that makes you look the same every single day? Or doing your makeup the same way that no matter how much time you spend on your face you still look the same like you did yesterday. Well, we need a change every now and then to bring that excitement back into our life. Bringing a change in your life might feel refreshing and spark that inner joy in you that would make you want to wake up every day in anticipation of what life has in store for you.  If you're bored and exhausted with your same old look, and want a little change this year, check these tips out. They can transform your appearance and make you feel a new you!


Get a Different Haircut

Going for a haircut that you wouldn't usually go for can make a huge difference in your whole outlook. A new hair cutting style can totally change your face, emphasizing various parts of your facial features. With another hairstyle, you can bring as little or as much change to your look as you need. In case you have long hair, a cut over your shoulders will make you look like a whole new person, and if you don't want such a big change you can add new layers that can be new and refreshing. While considering this, first chop off a smaller length of hair to see how short you like your hair to be. Front cutting styles also make you look like a new person and transform your personality. You could try curtain bangs or a fringe to put that extra touch of style in your look.


Pick a Different Hair Color

Feeling bored of your old hair colour? Switching things up is the best idea for changing your look. If you wanna go full bold you could try out a shade of green, blue, red or purple and if you wanna stay under the radar you could give your hair a protein treatment and get a basic hair colour to bring freshness in your hair. Talk with your beautician about which colour shade will best suit you, as they'll have the option to offer you guidance on which shade will be best for your tone. In case you're not up for a full hair colour change, consider getting highlights or lowlights for a change. Chocolate balayage, ombre, ginger; these are all the options you can choose from. What is that saying that goes when a woman is ready to change her life she'll start with her hair!


Make Different Hairstyles

Is it true that you are somebody who consistently wears your hair open? Or then again styles it in just one typical way? Either it's that same old ponytail or that same old messy bun? Well, it's time to change everything around it and try different hair. The change will only come if you step out of your comfort zone and experiment with different hairstyles. So open a few tutorials on Youtube and twist it, braid it, pin it or put it in an updo. Whatever you regularly do, do the inverse to switch around your look. Don't be afraid to flaunt those gorgeous hair genes that you got from your mother and throw that scrunchy away. Try a half updo that'll bring out the beauty of your hair.


Invest in Some Statement Jewellery

The gold and gem looks are in and it's an incredible method for lifting your regular look. Think about a bunch of chunky rings, layered gold pieces of jewellery and beautiful. You could also get your nose or ears pierced but make sure you take good care after. neilmed piercing aftercare spray needs to be in your care routine. Anklets are also popular this year. They bring that extra bling to your look. Accessories are always a great idea to uplift your whole look.


Light Up Your Smile

Has espresso and red wine made your sparkly smile somewhat less sparkly and white than you'd like? Light up your teeth to give your face a flickering new look. Well, what do they say? The most attractive feature of your face should be your smile. For the people who will stare make it worthwhile! There are various choices for teeth brightening, from charcoal powder to whitening strips to professional treatments for teeth brightening.


Do the Dewy Skin Look

Dewy skin makes you look youthful and fresh! Gone are those days of sharp contouring and highlights. Natural is the new hot trend. Anything that looks fake is outdated.  Add a glowy touch to your skin with a serum or a liquid highlighter. Use it under your eyes, across your cheekbones and down your nose for a definitive dewy look. Finish it up with soft blush cheeks and a natural lip tint. Simply just make sure to thoroughly mix in the highlighter so it doesn't look too smudgy. A natural dewy makeup look can never go wrong whether it's a day in your college or at work!



It's amazing how much your eyebrows can change your face. They outline your face in a manner that can balance and soften your look, and they can add length and definition to your face. Thick and bold brows are the new thing in the present moment.  Assuming you have light and sparse brows, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil for a more natural and fuller look. Thin eyebrows ate out of the beauty game. People even prefer to leave their brows growing naturally.

This is our round-up of the most popular beauty trends that you could try this year. Forget your old ways and don't be afraid to try out these things. You will never know what best fits you unless you try.  Not everything will go well with everyone, but do try to find out what will best suit you and go perfect with your personality. Happy experimenting!

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