Importance of Ear Piercing After Care

Ear piercings are one of the most ancient and common types of piercings. People around the globe liked to pierce their ears as beautiful likeness. Women like to pierce their ears to wear beautiful jewelry that amplifies their beauty. This piercing tradition has been going on for centuries.

Areas of ear-piercing

The possible areas include:

  • Earlobe
  • The curve of cartilage located at the top of the ear
  • Folds just outside the ear canal
It's a fact that the above mentioned areas are common and safe but one must take care of his or her ears after piercing to avoid complications.

Symptoms of an infected piercing

The most common symptoms of an infected piercing are as follows:

● It causes aching or throbbing pain in and around the piercing

● It causes swelling

redness on the ears are visible

● It causes lots of itching

● The burning sensation can be felt

● Often in cases, an abnormal yellowish or whitish discharge is reported

Always consult a doctor right away if any of the above mention symptoms appear.

Safety measures

Ear piercing is less dangerous as compared to other parts of the body but safety is always better to protect oneself from infections.

Dermatologists advise people to follow the steps to prevent any sort of infection:

1. Wash your hands before touching newly pierced ears.

2. Keep the first earrings in the ears for six weeks or more weeks, even at night. It's foolish to remove starter earrings too early because it may cause the piercings to close again.

3. Make it a habit of regularly washing your ears with soap and water.

4. Rotate or twist the earrings a few times every day. This will avoid the closing of piercings.

5. Rubbing alcohol on ears.

Clean piercing aftercare spray

● The piercing aftercare spray are made to use in the early stage of healing.

● Healing sprays contains the right concentration of salts to promote the healing process

● The sterile solution helps prevent bacteria from forming around the piercing.

● It helps to safely clean dried discharge, crust, or secretions around the piercing area

● The sprays have a non-irritating formula that heals the skin quickly.

How to use sprays?

Spray the front and back of the ear twice a day, directly over the piercing. One must know that taking care of a new piercing is just as essential as the piercing itself. We should make sure to follow aftercare instructions carefully.

Healing period

Earlobe Piercings: about 6 weeks

Cartilage Piercings: about 12 weeks

Ear piercing heal quickly

Earlobe piercings are one of the quickest to heal. They usually take approximately 1 to 2 months to fully heal. Cartilage piercings as compared to the earlobe will take longer to heal. It may require up to 6 months or sometimes a whole year. It is always advisable to avoid changing the jewelry when the piercing is still healing, otherwise, the hole might close.

Time to change out jewelry

The thing is that it's different for everyone. Because everyone's healing time also differs. It also depends on what kind of piercing you got. So it's always advisable to ask your piercer before changing the jewelry. They first check the whole piercing area and then give a suggestive opinion. But it's always better to avoid wearing artificial and heavy jewelry soon after the piercing is healed.

Ear piercing is one of the most common piercings around the globe. But proper care is always necessary to make sure that one must not carry any infections. Carelessness often leads to many complications. Taking proper after piercing care and following all instructions is the right way to ensure ears health.

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