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Fire Prevention Month: How to Keep Your House and Family Safe

During the scorching heat of summer months, we intend to use more electric appliances like coolers, fans, and air conditions which possibly lead to dangers of fires. You can be overly cautious but still, we never know when accidents can happen. Summer is the start of summer which spikes more fire incidents throughout the country. March is Fire Prevention Month and keeping our family and house protected is the best step we can do. There are several ways how we can prevent fire which we should also discuss with everyone in the family. Here are some ways you can do to prevent fire incidents at home. Unplug all unused appliances. Do not overuse electrical appliances. Check for electrical connection issues at home. Have a designated fire exits at home. Have a fire extinguisher ready. Keep flammable objects away from heat. When using candles, stoves, or ovens, do not leave them unattended. Keep lighters and matches out of reach of children.   It is always best to be prepared and read

How to Uplift the State of Tech-Voc in the Philippines

How to uplift the state of tech-voc in the Philippines. Citations: pag tech-voc graduate here in the Philippines, you have no prestige, no professional status, no job security, and no recognition (mababa tingin ng tao sa iyo). I do not have a college diploma and have experienced being downgraded. I took a vocational course from TESDA 8 years ago, got my certificate, and gained skills. I am proud to say that some of people I know who are Tech-voc graduates have already significant contribution toward the growth of Philippine economy in the country and even overseas. However, there are a lot of vocational graduates who have the ability to potentially excel in their respective fields but were limited to opportunities because of the common misconceptions about tech-voc graduates.  To potentially improve the Tech-voc education here in the Philippines, we must reinvent our notion of the necessary programs to succeed in the future which go beyond instructions and trainings.  1. TESDA should g

Cleene CLIO makes Clean Teeth possible for Families this World Oral Health Day 2022

Manila, Philippines - On World Oral Health Day, Cleene CLIO invites everyone to celebrate by practicing proper oral healthcare with their families. A product of proudly Filipino company PHILUSA Corporation, Cleene CLIO has been an ardent supporter of this global oral health initiative, especially with oral care given less priority during the pandemic when accessibility to dentists and visits to oral health facilities were challenging at the height of the lockdowns. To emphasize the importance of good oral health practices at home, Cleene CLIO has partnered with Manila Water Foundation and Philippine Dental Association to provide oral health kits to various barangays and schools as part of this year’s World Oral Health Day activities. Over 2,000 health kits containing Cleene CLIO toothbrushes and Dental Floss Premium from Cleene CLIO and PHILUSA were distributed to 12 barangays and to the chosen hygiene facility in Dinalaonan Elementary School in Pangasinan. And as a special treat for W

Shopping at AllHome Summer Blowout Sale

As the saying goes, "Home is where the heart is." For so many years, I have been dreaming of owning our own house. So when me, my husband, and 3 children finally moved into our new house two years ago, it was a dream come true. Imagine having your very own space and get to decide how to improve it in any way you want aside from enjoying a great privacy.  But the challenge never ends there, we have to make sure that we choose the right furniture, decoration, and home needs to fit our lifestyle. We have been slowly improving our house as months go by, and I am happy that everything is falling into place.  I am happy to find the best place to shop for our home needs. AllHome is your one-stop shop for home furniture, appliances, and renovation needs. With AllHome, you also get to enjoy unbelievably low-priced items like tiles, plumbing, and building materials on your favorite brands. Here is a glimpse of our shopping experience in AllHome Pampanga branch. I am surprised at all t