How to uplift the state of tech-voc in the Philippines. Citations: pag tech-voc graduate here in the Philippines, you have no prestige, no professional status, no job security, and no recognition (mababa tingin ng tao sa iyo).

I do not have a college diploma and have experienced being downgraded. I took a vocational course from TESDA 8 years ago, got my certificate, and gained skills. I am proud to say that some of people I know who are Tech-voc graduates have already significant contribution toward the growth of Philippine economy in the country and even overseas. However, there are a lot of vocational graduates who have the ability to potentially excel in their respective fields but were limited to opportunities because of the common misconceptions about tech-voc graduates. 

To potentially improve the Tech-voc education here in the Philippines, we must reinvent our notion of the necessary programs to succeed in the future which go beyond instructions and trainings. 

1. TESDA should go beyond providing instructions and training and should be given improved monitoring system. If only our governmnent take steps to resolve some issues that receive little attention compared to how important they are and how much can be done about them, mainly in terms of the potential for long-term impact — over thousands of Tech-voc graduates could contribute a lot to the national income and economy. With TVET experts, proper training and education, and professional license, Tech-voc graduates can be globally competitive. Propose Professionalization and licensing of Tech-Voc tracks (Professional tracks and Livelihood tracks).

2. Qualifications of Tech-Voc instructors and educators as experts in their field of interest. Getting a methodology course does not qualify as trainors.

3. It is proposed that the courses offered will be either Professional Tracks (service oriented)or Livelihood Tracks (product oriented).

It is time to make progress on these issues, which are less explored. Supporting the restructuring of tecvoc tracks and change the perception image of Tech Voc in the Philippines to Philippines as the Tech-Voc Center in Asia with global standards.

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