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What are the advantages of wearing shapewear?

  Function, Comfort, and Beauty. These are life aspects touched based on body shapewear. Acquiring a feminine silhouette while complimenting your daily outfits and daily activities is doable by wearing shapewear. Yes, shapewear has only the best interest of the woman at heart. This undergarment can be our reliable friend.   Let’s get on and see other sensational advantages of wearing shapewear for function, comfort, and beauty.   Shapewear is Functional Boosting health benefits, posture, and self-confidence. We all want bodywear that supports correct body posture emitting style and confidence. It helps the woman to display a well-abled body regardless of size and structure. With ease, she can wear her chosen attire and let full bodysuit shaper shape her body framework. Posture is corrected easily.   Sharp body contours are softened and showing style and glamour. Further, it stimulates circulation and supports the muscles.


Bring out healthy, sexy skin in just two days Hyaluronic acid and marula oil are the hottest actives in modern skincare. If used independently, each ingredient can give your skin nourishment. Put them together, and their benefits complement each other to bring out your best skin that will make you feel sexy from within! Hyaluronic Acid , or  Hyaluronan,  is naturally produced by the body and is mostly found in the skin. Its main function is to retain water in your skin layers—when kept at optimal levels, it helps retain moisture and suppleness in the skin, speeds up healing, and has anti-bacterial properties. On the other hand,  Marula Oil  is a newcomer in the beauty oil market and is native to South Africa. It contains antioxidants, amino and fatty acids that have anti-aging, anti-UV, and anti-dryness benefits, which makes it perfect for those living in tropical countries like the Philippines. While either ingredient can work effectively from one another, you can still enjoy both and

Jollibee Group and Yoshinoya International Hold Partnership Ceremony

The Jollibee Group and Yoshinoya International hailed its partnership in a ceremony that culminated in a beef bowl toast led by Jollibee Group President & CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong (front row, 3rd from left), Asia Yoshinoya CEO Tetsuya Naruse (front row, 4th from left), Jollibee Group President for Philippine Business Joseph Tanbuntiong (front row, 2ndfrom left), and Jollibee Group Chief Real Estate and Design Officer William Tan Untiong (back row, 3rd from left). The Jollibee Group welcomed Yoshinoya International executives in a Partnership Ceremony on June 25 to celebrate their collaboration that will bring the authentic Yoshinoya Japan beef bowl experience to the Philippines. Yoshinoya, Japan’s world-famous Beef Bowl Chain, is the first foray into Japanese food by the Jollibee Group. Jollibee Foods Corporation formed a joint venture with Yoshinoya International Philippines Inc. (“Yoshinoya International”) to operate the Yoshinoya stores in the country, with plans to expand to 50