Welcoming a new child into the fold can be an exciting chance to show your family or loved ones how much you care about them.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to pick a baby shower gift that speaks to your needs, even if you're usually great at gift-giving.

These are the five best baby shower gifts for any new parents and why they're such great ideas.

Handprint and Footprint Makers

This might be a classic idea: but it’s rarely given anymore!  Handprint and footprint makers allow the parents to take a moment with their new child to create a memory they’ll get to enjoy for life.  You can find kits with colorful molds and impression materials to make it as unique as the new child will be!  

Newborn Photography Session

One of the best gifts you can give is a newborn photography session!  These photos will be taken within the first two weeks of the child's life and will give them the opportunity to bond with their parents on camera.  Look for a newborn photographer with a professional history in this field who can offer photos your friends or family would love to have of their kid.

A Cleaning Service to Come Through

Although the immediate urge is to offer to come over and hold the baby while the parents move on and do whatever they need to do throughout the day: instead, it's a great idea to give them a month or two of maid services!  These can cost between $50 to $100 an hour and can be anything from simply deep cleaning the kitchen once a week to deep cleaning the entire home.  

This will take a lot of stress off the backs of the parents and give them something to look forward to. 

The Start of a College Fund

The college continues to get more and more expensive: so it's vital that you do everything you can to help make the child's future easier.  Setting up a college fund, or writing a check to be the first deposit into it, can give the parents a jump start on creating a great future for their child.  This is an awesome way to show you’re thinking of the child’s long-term future and that you care about their future beyond the cute baby they’re about to have.  

Food Gift Cards and Subscriptions

When you have a newborn, it's hard to find the time to stop and cook so you can have something healthy to eat.  If you want to help, consider giving your friends a gift card for a food delivery service or for their favorite local restaurant that delivers.  This ensures that dinner is on the table regardless of how busy their day was and helps them stay full and energized so that they can continue taking the best care for their child possible.  

Babies Should be Celebrated

Whether this is the new parents’ first or fifth child, they’re a reason for celebration!  Take the time to give them something that will mean the world to the couple and their new baby.