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3 Christmas Gifts for a Child in Hospice Care

  Christmas is coming back once again, and with it comes the largest question some families have ever had to face.  What should they get for a young family member in hospice?   Hospice is end-of-life care, which means this might be someone's last Christmas, so it's obvious why you'd want to make it magical for them.  These are some of the best tips to keep in mind.   Why Holidays Matter for Hospice Care Holidays are more important for children in hospice care than nearly any other patient.  These children still view this holiday as a magical time when the world is supposed to renew itself and wishes come true.  Although not every wish can be granted, it’s important you do everything you can to make it feel magical.   1- Gift Them A Fun Experience An experience can be everything a child needs to perk up in the holidays!  If they’re able to leave children’s hospice care for a few hours, even if they’re in a wheelchair, take them to an aquarium, park, riverside walk, or anywh