3 Christmas Gifts for a Child in Hospice Care


Christmas is coming back once again, and with it comes the largest question some families have ever had to face.  What should they get for a young family member in hospice?  

Hospice is end-of-life care, which means this might be someone's last Christmas, so it's obvious why you'd want to make it magical for them.  These are some of the best tips to keep in mind.  

Why Holidays Matter for Hospice Care

Holidays are more important for children in hospice care than nearly any other patient.  These children still view this holiday as a magical time when the world is supposed to renew itself and wishes come true.  Although not every wish can be granted, it’s important you do everything you can to make it feel magical.  

1- Gift Them A Fun Experience

An experience can be everything a child needs to perk up in the holidays!  If they’re able to leave children’s hospice care for a few hours, even if they’re in a wheelchair, take them to an aquarium, park, riverside walk, or anywhere to get them out and about.

This isn't possible for every patient, but many can get away with an excursion like this.  Have friends and family gather and take pictures, making it feel like a family reunion of fun and excitement.

Pick a location based on whatever they’re most interested in, like a planetarium if they love space.

2- Create Something With Them

Creating something with this child can be magical.  This could mean giving them a camera or tablet and giving them a chance to create art or take pictures, or it could mean learning a hobby with them throughout the month, like origami or knitting.  Invest in time spent together. 

3- Comforting and Comfortable Items

The best thing you can get a child in hospice is cute and colorful, comfortable items.  This could mean fuzzy rainbow socks or blankets that make it look like their legs are a mermaid's tail.  Soft and cozy materials will make them feel more at home and comfortable and will allow you to leave a little love behind when you have to say goodbye at the end of your visit.  If you're great at crocheting or knitting, consider making something that you can give them to keep them cozy. 

The Most Important Thing You Can Do

Beyond the gifts, the experiences, and the cards, the most important thing you can do is visit this child as often as you safely can during the holiday season.  Make sure this child knows how loved they are and how thankful people are to know them, and treat this like any other holiday.  Surprise them with treats, wear Santa costumes, sing carols to them, and do everything to give them some of that magic that Christmas is supposed to have for children.

Christmas In Hospice Can Still Be Jolly

Although hospice is a scary thing to think about for most people, it's vital that you keep the child in mind through every step of this.  Don't make them feel scared or like they're already gone; celebrate with them. 

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