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DIY Mini Santa Hat Clip-On

Happy December 1st everyone! We are starting the countdown today, 24 days before Christmas. Since it is nearly Christmas, I thought why not do a holiday themed DIY! I got many ideas in mind and I hope I will be able to find time to do 'em this week and next week. I'd like to start on the cutest thing I thought to add on a Christmas outfit. The DIY project today is very simple and easy. Here is how to make a Mini Santa hat Clip On which you or your kids can use as hair accessory during Christmas parties.

DIY Hair Accessory Box

As I was doing some cleaning around the house, I happened to see this empty box lying around. This was the box of a package sent to me a few days back. Used boxes like this welcome the chance to be quite creative.  In a minute, I thought it would be a good idea to do another DIY organizer out of this box. And because the lil girl’s growing hair accessory collection is in need of more room, it will be fun to do a DIY hair accessory organizer out of it. Miyaka insisted to do it so I let her choose colors and designs to use.

A Simple Teachers' Day Gift Idea

Tomorrow, a Teachers' Day celebration will be held at my son's school. As usual, students and teachers are all excited. This is once in a year celebration, a special way for thanking and remembering all of hard works your teachers have made in your life.

DIY: Organize Your Monthly Bills

There is always one easy and effective way to organize your monthly budget. You can Google different options on how to keep your expenses organized and imply which you feel will work best. Organization is the best key to a successful budgeting system. Here is one simple DIY on how you can keep your monthly expenses or bills organized the easiest way.

DIY Father's Day Gift Crafts

Father's Day is just around the corner! Father's Day is a special day to celebrate and honor our daddies, who we always love to describe as our Hero. That tough guy who provides and protect his family and always make sure every furniture at home is fixed. That special guy that no one else in this world can ever replaced.  For mommies and kids who are into crafts, I have collected few cute craft gift ideas perfect for Father's Day:

#DIY: Simple and Cute Storage Jars #Upcycling

Those empty jars from your mayonnaise or spreads are some of those I don't consider as trash. I always love collecting them since it can be upcycled and turn it into a chic storage like what I just did.  I have actually filmed a video on how I did this DIY project , unfortunately, it got deleted along with other important videos in my SD card. I hope the photos are helpful enough to see how I upcycled this cute DIY storage jar. 

#DIY: Sharpie Painted or Personalized Mugs

For a caffeine person like me, one best way to start the day is to start with a cup of coffee. Why not make your cup more personalized? Pretty interesting, isn't it?  Or maybe you just wanna cheer up your partner in the morning, bring him or her a cup of coffee/tea with a personalized message on his/her mug. That will surely bring a smile on anyone's face :).  This is just a simple DIY project you can do with your kids and it can also be a perfect gift for any occasion. Materials needed: Mug Sharpie Tape

#DIY: Repurpose Empty Jars into Makeup Brush Holders

Do you happen to have empty jars at home like the powdered coffee or creamer jars? I am pretty sure you have, check your kitchen. If you happen to see one or more you can make use of it, don't just throw away. One of the things I love to repurpose are jars like this since there are bunch of useful things you can make out of it. Repurpose , big word. As we all know, repurposing can help reduce waste, save money and cut the environmental costs of making new items.

Great Ideas For Crafting With Your Kids

Image source Mommies love to make and do as much as kids do, but sometimes it can be really hard to organize these kinds of activity at home. As children get older, it can get more difficult to find the time and resources to let our kids’ imagination run wild through their creativity. You might feel that schools are spending more time on coding and not enough on arts and crafts these days. If you feel you have a budding artist in the making, here are some great ways to let them explore that side of their character at home:

A Step by Step Guide to Making Your Own Gorgeous Wedding Invitations

Image Author: Flickr Making your own wedding invitations is a wonderful idea. You can keep a sample in your wedding memory box/scrapbook, and feel proud when you tell people you made them yourself. It helps you to add another personal touch to your wedding and express your personality as a couple better. With that in mind, here’s a step by step guide to making your own gorgeous wedding invitations:

#DIY: Desk Organizer (Book/Notebooks Holder)

Don't throw used carton box because you can still make use of it. I just like to recycle stuff before thinking of throwing them in trash bins. The positive effect of recycling is you get to be creative plus you did something to help environment. Okay enough said, were all grown ups thus we already knew it. So this is just a simple DIY project of how to turn your used carton box into a desk organizer!

#DIY: Personalized Tumbler for Valentines

My son was thinking what to give his teacher for Valentines Day as a way of being thankful and grateful. She never asked for gifts but she deserves it :) So, I thought to just make a personalized tumbler. Of course, I helped him out in making this one.

Kid's Craft: Valentines Day Cards

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and one of the fun and easiest project for kids to do is Valentines card. Here is one of the Valentines card my kids made yesterday. I am not sure who the recipient of this card is gonna be but this looks so cute to receive. I like to see my kids doing art projects because this is how I see the creativity each of them conveys. This time, my toddler was not able to join his elder brother because he is not feeling well.

#DIY: Easy Erase Calendar Using Photo Frame

I am still in the process of working to improve my home office just to make it look like one. I guess it's gonna be an endless process because there are a lot of new ideas always popping up my mind on what to do with this small space of mine.  Today, I would like to share one of my latest DIY, perfect as we just started the year. Last December, I didn't know why I forgot to get myself a decent office calendar for 2015. I seemed to forget to get one whenever we went out last week. So yesterday, I decided to just create one.

#DIY: Glittered Jar

Another DIY Project that I did last month was this glittered jar. Obviously, I have lots of late posts and this is one of the bunch. Moving on, as I have revealed in my recent blog post , I am currently working on my home office and this is one of the few ideas that came in mind. I thought I need something to put my makeup brushes into or maybe my pens. So, I came up with this glittered jar and the idea is from Pinterest. You can easily do this glittered jar because all the materials we need are as simple as the instruction.

Its Play Time! #DIY Community

It was another lazy afternoon for my two boys. They rarely touch their toys anymore and they rather put themselves infront of computer and PSP. That is something I really cannot condone. I prefer them doing physical activities than lurking on gaming stuff in game consoles or in computer. I thought of one good diy project to do that can draw back their interest in playing their toy cars. And here's the idea I came up with.

#DIY: Recycle and Get Organized

Part of my Organization Project is Recycle and Reuse. Recycle, one creative way to turn a garbage into something usable. Very economical, helps reduce garbage.  So for today's project, I thought to turn some piece of garbage into something useful.  You know the SPAM's can? I thought to turn the can into something useful than to throw and add to the trashes in my trash bin. We can always do something useful to cans like this. Just like what I did! 

#DIY: Popsicle Stick Box

I would like to share a DIY project my son made for me. isn't that so sweet? He still has few popsicle sticks from some summer activity plays that we did and he thought to use it for a project. I am glad he is kinda getting interested in doing DIY projects because it allows him to become more patient and more creative. For today, he made a popsicle sticks box. He asked for a little of my help in aligning the foundation which is the bottom, then he did the rest and the designs.

#DIY: #Costumized School Items Using Tapes

Last Thursday, it was Independence Day and there was no school class. Me and my son thought to make some #diy projects and as usual, we came up with a lot of ideas. One of many is washifying! Some I will post next week. In the meantime, I will post about how to customized or design your kid's school items like pens, pencils and notebooks using washi tapes. 

Memory Crafters – DIY Party Workshop (Paper Cutting)

  Calling all DIY lovers out there! I know most moms love DIY, well then here is another workshop you don't want to miss. Join Memory Crafters for another crafts and arts workshop focusing on Paper Cutting.  This will be on May 17, 2014 at Cravings, 5/L Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City. It will be from 2-5PM. Fee includes snacks and materials.