12 October 2015

DIY Hair Accessory Box

As I was doing some cleaning around the house, I happened to see this empty box lying around. This was the box of a package sent to me a few days back. Used boxes like this welcome the chance to be quite creative.  In a minute, I thought it would be a good idea to do another DIY organizer out of this box. And because the lil girl’s growing hair accessory collection is in need of more room, it will be fun to do a DIY hair accessory organizer out of it. Miyaka insisted to do it so I let her choose colors and designs to use. 

POND'S Flawless White Whitening Soft Gel #PRODUCTREVIEW

It is always part of my skin care night routine to use facial creams. I feel it is a must not to skip applying facial cream before bed time. Although I have a favorite brand of facial cream to use, I am still open to try other brands since I would like to discover other options. Lately, I got the chance to try POND’S Flawless White Whitening Soft Gel.  

Budget-Friendly Halloween Party Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and what to excite about are Halloween parties! We always look forward to Halloween parties yearly, specially the kids. I know how freaky it is to some but it is totally awesome! My family has been enjoying Halloween themed parties for years. 

Halloween parties indulge creativeness, that you need to come up to a persona that reflects a remarkable character. Of course picking up costume, supplies and stuff to put together can never be more fun! Last year, I came as a fairy in a Halloween party.  This time, I would like to be in a different character. However, I don't like drastic outfits, I prefer something simple to put together yet unique and creative.

10 October 2015

AjiPanda™: Your Best Friend in the Kitchen

AjiPanda™ is a cute panda icon that conveys someone shy, caring, happy and loyal. It personifies how a humble pack or bottle of AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning fills the role of “Your Best Friend in the Kitchen” by offering an ever-reliable way of bringing out the natural goodness of food.

Ajinomoto’s new campaign, which also features teen queen Kathryn Bernardo, presents the benefits of its dependable brand of seasoning to a new generation of cooks and food lovers.

09 October 2015


#555FriedngBarangay #MakeyourBarangayproud  #Yayadubfor555 

555 Fried Sardines recently held a cooking showdown that encourages to “Make Your Barangay Proud”
in chosen Barangays from Pampanga, Pangasinan and Quezon.

Participants featured their entries using 555 Fried Sardines as main ingredient in vying for the top spots per Leg.

Filipinos are known to cook from the heart which shows why we love sharing meals with family as well
as friends and 555 Fried sardines was able to highlight this culture through the Fried ng Barangay
Cooking Showdown organized by Century Pacific Food Inc. and 88ville Productions.

05 October 2015

A Simple Teachers' Day Gift Idea

Tomorrow, a Teachers' Day celebration will be held at my son's school. As usual, students and teachers are all excited. This is once in a year celebration, a special way for thanking and remembering all of hard works your teachers have made in your life.

01 October 2015

Getting the Best Value for Money as a Mother

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Being a mother is never an easy thing. There is so much you need to worry about every day. And one of the major concerns is going to be money. Whether you’re married, in a relationship, or a single parent money is always a problem. Everything costs these days, and things seem to be getting more expensive.

That’s why it’s important to focus on getting the best value for money as a mother. You will have to provide for your children, and kids are not cheap! Don’t worry, I’ve come up with a few suggestions that I feel will help you get the best value for money as a mother.

29 September 2015

How I Get My Girls to Eat Their Vegetables

Katrin Gilger
It's no secret that it can be difficult to get children to eat vegetables. My two are usually quite good at it but, like all kids, they have their fussy moments. Sometimes I have to get inventive if I want them to eat their veggies as happily as they'll eat a piece of chocolate. If you're not lucky enough to have a child who hoovers up fruit and veg at every opportunity, you probably get extremely frustrated. You know they need a healthy diet, but you can't force it down them if they don't want it. Plus, planning healthy meals every week can be exhausting too. If you need ideas to make sure they get their vitamins, here are some of my best.

Strategic Ways to Use Coupons for Your Online Store

You've probably already heard that providing discount offers and coupons to your customers for your online store is a great way to encourage more people to shop. But how can you make use of coupons in the most strategic ways to get the best results in the shortest amount of time? Continue reading to learn more so that your online store can be a success.

Home Improvement Repairs to Make Before the Winter

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter months tends to come at a high monetary cost. If winter has sent chills through your home, you’ve probably also experienced receiving an extortionate bill from your heating company that’s almost just as bone-chilling as the weather itself. However, if you are worried about the cost of this winter, you don’t need to huddle your family under blankets just yet as there are a number of home improvement repairs that you can make in time for winter in order to keep your home warm and comfortable and keep the heating bill low. We’ve put together a list of suggestions of just a few improvements that you can make to your home before the winter months set in.

23 September 2015

NIVEA body milk Intensive Moisture #ProductReview

One of my favorite brand of lotions is Nivea. This is the most recent brand I discovered, although it has been n the market for decades. Which I wish I have discovered it pretty earlier because Nivea lotion is such a great buy. 

Today, I thought to do a review about this one particular lotion from the brand NIVEA to share my experience and might have also interest you. I have been using the Nivea sun protect which I did a review here.

How To Help Your Kids If They're Being Bullied

Lots of children get bullied at school every year. It’s vital that parents know how to spot the signs and the best methods of dealing with the problem. In this post, you will learn the most suitable course of action for putting things right. It can be horrible to know that your kids are having a hard time. Just make sure you don’t lose your temper with the staff at their school. They are probably trying their best. It’s just that rules and regulations stop them from punishing the bully properly. 

21 September 2015

Cheap Dresses and Handbags in Dresswe

It is mostly at this time of the year when invites for events and parties start to likely increase. Most of the time, it makes us giddy to receive invitations or get involved. When we are scheduled to attend events and parties, planning which outfit to wear sometimes brings anxiety. Finding yourself browsing fashion magazines or google for celebrity photos wearing snazzy dresses to give you idea of the newest trend. And to your disappointment, sometimes the dresses you find pleasing to your taste cost an arm and a leg.

20 September 2015

How to Spice Up a Blank Wall

I have some blank walls at home and I have been looking for ways on how to spice it up a little bit. I don't intend to bombard my walls with stuff, just at least not look dull as it is now. I currently have white painted walls but I am thinking about trying new paint, or am I just going to put wall paper instead? What wall decorations can I consider? I tried to summarize all ways to spice up a blank wall and I came up with this list:

16 September 2015

Guide to Finding A Wedding Dress On A Budget

Planning your wedding is exciting, complicated and time consuming. It is always best to plan early to avoid problems down the road. For many brides-to-be, choosing a wedding gown is probably one of the biggest concern. Choosing your wedding gown doesn't have to be as nerve-racking as it seems regardless the budget. If you are strapped for cash yet you want to get the best wedding gown possible, this post will help you out.