27 January 2015


Press Release

World-renowned Italian Brand Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, makers of fine Murano Jewelry and accessories is now proudly launched here in the Philippines by Mr. and Mrs. Nardone of Porta Lucerna Trading. It is with excitement and flair of a night of fashion, that the introduction to Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, was sparkling in glamour and elegance, here in Makati at the Buddha-Bar.

The marriage of the artistry of the East and the West was highlighted with a very colorful Jewelry fashion show that showcased the exquisite pieces of Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, and a collection of classic and colorful resort collection by fast rising designer Ryan Madamba. High note of the night was, that all the dresses were made of local fabric “Abel Iloco”, a hand-loomed cloth proudly made in the Northern Province of Ilocos Norte. The owners, Jenny and Mom Nardone together with Ryan Madamba were the soul curators of the Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, pieces that was showcased during the show highlighting unique Murano jewelry and its craftsmanship through the 31-piece Murano Jewelry collection line, personally chosen from the Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection Antica Murrina Venezia © ™. All of this paired with the dresses for chic casual looks to the most glamorous evening parties for women of varied ages by Ryan Madamba. The event was held at Buddha Bar, hosted by charming and witty Issa Litton and was well attended by Manila’s Who is Who from society circles, fashion, politics, show business and industry leaders including Ms. Imelda Marcos, several Ambassadors and several Misses of the Beauty pageant world.

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I have been using Payu2Blog for quite a while now and I wanna share with you how to earn from it and my own experiences as well.

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24 January 2015

#DIY: Easy Erase Calendar Using Photo Frame

I am still in the process of working on my office room. I guess it's gonna be an endless process because there are a lot of new ideas always popping up my mind on what to do with this small space of mine just to make it look like an office.

Today, I would like to share one of my latest DIY, perfect as we just started the year. Last December, I don't know why I forgot to get myself a decent office calendar for 2015. I always seem to forget to get one whenever we go out last week. So yesterday, I thought to just create one.

23 January 2015

Week 3: #Simplicity #PhotographyChallenge #LinkUp #MummyBPhotographyChallenge

Hurray, I am at the third week of the photo challenge. I was too busy earlier this week that I almost forgot to set this post in Public. I hope it is not too late though because it is already Saturday and tomorrow is the start of 4th week's theme. So, for the third week, our theme is SIMPLICITY.

21 January 2015

Low Budget Meal: Kinamiasang Manok

Today, I got too busy because today is kitchen general cleaning day. I supposed to prepare fish according to my weekly menu but my son requested chicken for our lunch. Whats so sweet, he showered my face with kisses before I could ever answer. lol. That has always been his gesture to get my 'yes'.

Since we are also trying to come out for low-budget dishes lately, I came out to a chix dish which is Kinamiasang Manok that won't hurt our wallet much.

18 January 2015

LUSH Decor $200 Gift Card Giveaway!

Lush Décor creates, manufactures and markets high quality, beautifully crafted home goods. Lush Decor offers wide variety of high-quality products. The more exciting part, Lush Decor would like to give away $200 gift card for my US Based readers. All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter widget below and follow all the mandatory tasks. This giveaway will run until February 10 and we will announce the winner on this blog. Goodluck!

El Real: Pasta Cravings

Pasta can never be absent in a pantry of a home who everyone loves pasta dishes. We are certified pasta lovers and there is not a week passed that we don't enjoy pasta together. One of the pasta brands we love is El Real Pasta.

"EL REAL’s special quality pasta retains the richness of your pasta sauce allowing you to savor every mouthful!" - El Real's Facebook Page

What makes it different from other pasta brands, it is relatively affordable which nearly all mommies in a budget like me preferably look for. El Real pasta is easy to cook and very firm. It cooks up nicely and has a smooth texture. I don't really like mushy pasta because it doesn't tastes that good. El Real Pasta tastes like pasta should, one of the best tasting pasta we ever tried. It makes our every pasta recipe very scrumptious. One of the best pasta choices in our local market.

#BeautyPost: Color Collection Lipstick with Argan Oil #Review

One of my fave brands of lipstick is Color Collection. The first time I tried their lipstick was last year when I got the chance to get from Sample Room. Here's the review of my first ever Color Collection Lipsticks, CLICK HERE. One of the lines they released last year is the Color Collection Lip Perfection Lipstick with Argan Oil. I almost freaked out when I saw Sample Room was giving out samples of this new line. I wanna fret of not getting more than one but I believe I am still lucky enough because I was able to score ONE.

16 January 2015

Organizing & Reinventing

The most challenging part of organizing is when you don't know how to begin with because you lack knowledge about the organizing supplies your home needs. It actually varies depending on the size and style of your home. In this difficult times, it doesn't really take a scientist to figure out how to start because you can get a help from people with expert knowledge to make your organizing a breeze. Cabinet Hardware, Cabinet Organizers and Woodworking Supplies for the Professional, Hobbyist & Homeowner from here are made of high quality materials and feature innovative designs. Most importantly, make your organizing fun and easy.

14 January 2015

Diptyque Scented Candles

I have been always a fan of scented candles eversince my mom started her collection eight years ago. Sometimes, my mom just fill my room with scented candles and it just doesn't add up fragrant but it is also great as accessory to fit just any room. There are stylish designed scented candles which are really admirable. 

Diptyque candles are one of the best scented candles in the market ever. We found diptyque candles here. Magnificent scent and high-quality describes diptyque candles best. It comes in different variants and all are packed with remarkable sophisticated scent. Very relaxing and  brings life to any room. 

12 January 2015

Personal Collection White Dove Baby Products #Review

As my children grows up, they develop different potentials. That is why I never stop from trying new products to best suit their changing needs. Now I would like to share my review about my newly discovered baby product, White Dove. This is not new in the market, I have seen several mommies using this to their kids but this is just the first time I let my son tried this. I chanced upon this brand of baby products when I was with group of mommy friends. Some of them recommended to try White Dove brand for my toddler.

Just a little background about this product, White Dove is a quality product of Personal Collection. I ended up buying White Dove baby powder and baby shampoo because he still has a lot of body wash, soaps and other baby supplies to consume.

FoodPanda PH Online Food Delivery

I know mommies can relate to those super busy and hectic days that you just can't find time and even energy to cook. On times like this, I rely on food delivery service in my area from different fastfood chains for faster and effortless food to serve. However, I only have limited access to fastfood chains delivery service and their foods are a little boring at times.

Finally, I was introduced to Foodpanda PH. FoodPanda is an online delivery portal that makes it easier for customers to order from the best restos in the country and have it delivered to their homes. They cater to about 160 restaurants in Manila, Makati, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, and many more. Using FoodPanda is quick and easy. All you just have to do is to follow 4 Easy steps.