22 May 2015

My Five Rules For Losing That Post-Pregnancy Chub

During pregnancy, your body changes to allow your little one to grow and develop. And while pregnancy is a beautiful experience, it’s easy to get down about your post-pregnancy figure.

Perhaps you dislike your new mommy body? Maybe you don’t seem to curve in the right places anymore? Perhaps you just want to be able to fit back into your favorite pair of non-maternity jeans? Whatever is worrying you about your post-pregnancy figure, try not to stress about it.

21 May 2015

My 6 Tips For A Practical And Beautiful Nursery

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When you are organizing and decorating your new baby’s first room, it can be difficult to know where to start. Ideally, you want to create a space that is beautiful, comfortable, practical and safe all at the same time. But I know that balancing all these components is not easy. With two little ones of my own, I have had some practice in decorating nurseries, and so I thought it would be helpful to share my experience with any new Mom’s who are reading. Here are my tips for creating a practical and beautiful nursery for your newborn.

20 May 2015

#DIY: Simple and Cute Storage Jars #Upcycling

Those empty jars from your mayonnaise or spreads are some of those I don't consider as trash. I always love collecting them since it can be upcycled and turn it into a chic storage like what I just did. 

I have actually filmed a video on how I did this DIY project, unfortunately, it got deleted along with other important videos in my SD card. I hope the photos are helpful enough to see how I upcycled this cute DIY storage jar. 

My Breastfeeding Journey: Tips and Advice

As a mom, I feel that I made the right choice to breastfeed my son from birth until now that he just turned two years old. I know nothing about breastfeeding when I was starting and there were no one in the know to advice and guide me on what to do. I just learned by my own, and from some info which I read and watched online and in television.

I love sharing my own experience as a full time BF mom to my fellow mommies. I have written several blog posts about breastfeeding and the benefits it gives not only to mommies but also to babies. Now, I would like to share some tips in breastfeeding which I also learned from my own experience to help mommies out through their own journey to breastfeeding.

11 May 2015

Black Bridesmaid Gowns, Take Your Pick!

There is no denying that the color black fits both categories of warm and cool skin toned. As what most popular fashion designers always say, "Black is the color that goes with everything. If you're wearing black, you're on sure ground." 

I barely catch sight of black bridesmaids gowns in weddings I have attended so when I have seen weddings with the bridesmaids wearing black gowns, I admired black gowns so bad. Black bridesmaid gowns are nothing but elegance and sophistication. Just a quick trivia, started way back in the old century, black is the color that generally associated with elegance in Europe and the US.

Improved Hair Replacement Systems

Thinning hair and hair loss that leads to baldness are some of the common hair problems for men and women. This hair problems could cause by different factors such as hereditary, health problems, poor diet, Radiation therapy, hair treatments or a result of overall aging process. As we all know, baldness is more common to males and some men hit it even before they turn 40 and it really it really doesn't feel good. Whatever causes the hair loss and thinning of hair, it affects most people at some point in their day-to-day lives.

10 May 2015

Innovation in the Animation Industry

Throughout my childhood until my teenage years, I used to be fond of watching American and Japanese cartoons. I was wondering and so curious about the creative minds behind those moving drawings.

As years go by, I have witnessed how these countries have developed further innovations in animation. It created a great impact in their economy as it enjoys popularity in most of the Asian markets. I believe, if only Filipinos have given a chance, with our talents, no doubt we could also make it as big as Japan's.

08 May 2015

#DIY: Sharpie Painted or Personalized Mugs

For a caffeine person like me, one best way to start the day is to start with a cup of coffee. Why not make your cup more personalized? Pretty interesting, isn't it? Or maybe you just wanna cheer up your partner in the morning, bring him or her a cup of coffee/tea with a personalized message on his/her mug. That will surely bring a smile on anyone's face :). 

This is just a simple DIY project you can do with your kids and it can also be a perfect gift for any occasion.

Materials needed:

07 May 2015

Ever Bilena Citronella Lotion #Review

I was  not aware that my favorite local cosmetic brand, Ever Bilena also offers skin care products like lotion until I stumbled upon a brochure of Ever Bilena products from an SA. It's nice to see that they also have the Citronella lotion, so I bought one right away.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am scared of mosquito bites. I have reviewed few mosquito repellent lotions in the past. This lotion comes very handy wherever we are since I am fond of applying lotion for skin protection.

This lotion is very affordable, you can get a 100ml full lotion product for only P60. Still a steal for a budget conscious mom like me. 

04 May 2015

#Learning #Toddler #Painting Using Disposable Straw

Whenever I say 'it's painting time', my toddler gets giddy all the time. It's obviously one of his favorite activities.

I let my toddler play his paints independently. He picks the color he likes, that's how I learned he loves blue, violet and green.

02 May 2015

Nivea 50% Off Until May 9!

Nivea is one of my favorite brands of skin care products. I also like their baby products. And for those of you who are a fan of Nivea like me, you must go to your nearest grocery stores because Nivea is having 50% off on all their products Nationwide until May 9, while supplies last!

No deal can be better than this, expect me to take advantage of the moment! It only happens once in a blue moon, so I head out to the nearest Puregold in my area and ended up picking up a lot of stuff.

Maracuja Oil from Nature Essentials Product Review

I always look towards discovering new organic products because they are safe and don't harm my skin.

Today, I would like to a review about my latest organic product discovery which I am not sure if you have already heard about. Nature Essentials sent me one of their best selling products, Maracuja Oil to try.

My face is very dry at the moment and I need a product to help moisturize my skin and makes my skin looks healthy. I was hoping this product will help.

26 April 2015

#DIY: Repurpose Empty Jars into Makeup Brush Holders

Do you happen to have empty jars at home like the powdered coffee or creamer jars? I am pretty sure you have it, check your kitchen. You can make use of it, don't just throw. One of the things I love to repurpose are jars like this since you can have a bunch of useful things you can do with it. As we all know, repurpose is a big word. Of course, repurposing can help reduce waste, save money and cut the environmental costs of making new items.

21 April 2015

Lumpiang Sariwa #Recipe

One of mom's favorite vegetable dish is Lumpiang Sariwa or Fresh Spring Roll. This dish is composed of different veggies wrapped in a soft Lumpia wrapper garnished with sweet sauce and crushed peanuts. 

Should You Let Your Children Eat Candy?

Many parents refrain from allowing their children to consume candy these days. Is that really the best course of action? When all’s said and done, candy is sold in all your local stores, and so they won’t have any trouble getting hold of it once they are a little older. Should parents forbid candy altogether or simply regulate their kid’s intake? That is what we are going to discover throughout the course of this short post. Once you’ve read through our conclusion, you might want to view the graphic below and learn a little more about the evolution of the candy industry.