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#BeautyPost: Color Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick Review

It is known that few of my fave to share about myself is my love to cosmetics and beauty related stuff. Skin care products and cosmetics are both my interest. But for today, I will be sharing a lipstick review. I have a huuge love for lipsticks. When I am chatting with friends and the topic is lipstick, I can share a lot of things!

Floral Designed Room

I visited a friend's house last week. After an almost never ending chit chats, she showed me her room. I never got the chance to take a photo of it maybe because I was so overwhelmed with it, but it is a floral inspired room. At first glance, it looks simple but when you stepped inside and tried to look at the details, you will really appreciate the real beauty of this room and of the person in it. It's simple but any girl would adore the room and would love a sleep over because of the very girly atmosphere and it looks adorable and gorgeous.  Here are some cute ideas for those who are looking to create a floral designed room.

Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

If you have a vacant space outside your home or in the backyard, it is a pretty great idea to make use of it. That is what we do. We have plenty of opportunity to plant around my place. That is why every time we have a chance, we try to add different crops and that's one huuuge advantage on our part. You might wanna know why. Keep reading! Here are the reasons why you should grow crops:

Chopsuey Recipe for Picky Eater Kids #PorkSavor

Whenever I serve veggies, duck faces are very familiar around the dining table. Yup, they are some sort of picky eaters when it comes to veggies. Although sometimes, I can make them eat veggies without bribing. But the thing is, they don't enjoy their foods. That is one big challenge for a mom like me who likes to see her kids enjoy the food and see smiles on their faces at each bite. One of the best approach I learned is never pressure the kids and serve a variety of brightly colored foods. And also, to achieve the taste that kids would love, use a seasoning that can help bring out the tastiness of my home-cooked dishes.

Attipas PH: Best Shoes for Your Walking Babies

Uniquely adorable. Light. Comfy. Fashionable. Durable.  That is how I describe Attipas PH shoes. If you will visit their Facebook Page, you will see the different designs of toddler's shoes that will make you admire the uniqueness of how it's specially designed that are sure to add cuteness to your little ones.  This unique design is specially made to help your babies on their first steps.

Kiddo's Comfort Food: Breaded Chicken

Hi there mommies? I hope you're all safe on this weather. I supposed to feature foods best for the weather which is rainy season. But my kiddos comfort food is dry and that's what this post is all about. :P

Power Pops: #Healthy #CerealSnack

Another thing that my son is so excited about in going to school everyday is his  baon . I pretty much could relate on that, lol. I prepare him bento on a not busy morning but if it's the other way around, I always give him healthy baon that doesn't take time to prepare but he is sure to enjoy. Something healthy has always been my main standard.  One of his favorite healthy baon is Power Pops Cereal Snack. I swear, he could consume 5 of this in a day. That's how he loves Power Pops Cereal Snack. 

#Play & #Learn: Popscicle Stick Puzzle

Puzzles - one best way to introduce learning to a child. I remember my childhood days, I love puzzles because it helps set goals to accomplish. I felt like I was the happiest lil girl on earth whenever I finish puzzles. Today, I am sharing one of my favorite activity to give my son which encourages learning, Popscicle Stick Puzzle.