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Plan With Me, Week 14 Planner Weekly Spread

Well, I know it is kind of late for the week, hahaha. Transferring photos from my digicam was a challenge, something was wrong with the file it said. So, I had no other choice but use my phone's built in camera which takes not soo good photos. I hope you guys bear with me. For my Week 14, here is how my A5 looks like :

What You Need to Know About Eye Health

source Keeping your eyes healthy is a really important part of looking after your health in general. If you don’t start taking care of your eyes now, you’ll definitely regret it later on. Here are some tips to help you keep your eyes in good health:

Easy Easter Kids' Craft

Easter Egg projects are one of my kids’ fave to do. Last year, they painted Easter eggs, but this year I decided to make it different. As much as my kids enjoy painting eggs, trying out something new boosts creativity and encourages learning. Preparation as well as the entire project is easy.

How to Personalize Your Planner

Ever heard of the planner craze? Or have you already jumped into the bandwagon? I never would have thought how big planner community has been gone for the past year. So far, I only have few friends who are into planners but if you try to check in IG and google, there are just too many who use planners either as journal or planning purposes. I plan a wide array of things including, immediate problems that have come up around the house (for example my  garage door broke  the other day!) to tasks that I need to work towards like finding the ideal  interstate removals team.  

Plan With Me, Week 13 Planner Weekly Spread

For Week 13 in my Planner, just like in the past weeks, I kept it simple and neat. Thankfully, I got my washi and pens that helped me out! I got not much time to decorate since I get busier each day.   For my A5, I need to divide each day into three and instead of using pens, I use my slim washis I got from Mrs.P .  My pocket size is just a plain white 90 gsm blank paper so I just wrote the days and divide each page into four. I added two different black and white deco tapes which goes well together!

Tips to Enjoy Family Summer Vacation

School kids are always looking forward to summer vacation because this is the best time they get to spend two months vacation from school. What makes summer more exciting, this is the perfect time for family bonding! If you either aim for a family day out or couple of days out of town, make sure this is a vacation your whole family will get to enjoy and takes all your stress away. For sure, you got a long list of summer activities but to help a bit out, here are few tips on how to make the best out of your family's summer vacation.

Easy Easter Toddler Activity

More than the essence of the celebration, Easter has always been exciting to kids. I can't explain but there is really something in painted eggs that makes them happy. For Easter, I came up a simple activity for my toddler.  Preparation: I googled for images and printed them out on a sheet of bond paper and cut them out. Second, I also cut a crack to half each of the eggs then pasted the half of each on a clean white paper.

#HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 #Review

A decent printer can make any home office complete. For me, a printer with multiple function has got to be the best choice. A machine that functions as printer, scanner and copier all at the same time can come more handy. It saves you space having only one unit instead of three, and allows you to be more productive on a small cost.

DJX, Great Headphones in Cheap Price

Looking to have headphones which produce great sounds means having it natural, clear and precise. You wanted to have that decent quality sound and at the same time doesn’t easily break. Headphone enthusiasts prefer djx more than other cheap brands in the market. Reviews in this headphones prove that it has the rich bass sound you need. This headphones is very lightweight which makes it perfect to carry around. It is the most affordable with the best quality yet it doesn’t look cheap.

Decorate Your Planner + My Week 12 Planner Spread

I can't help but find it so fascinating how you can easily turn a plain paper into more interesting page by just using washi tapes and stickers. I love using decorative and paper tapes in my papers since it adds color and engages me more to write. That is the reason why my planners are always decorated with tapes, it boosts my motivation and at the same time relieves my stress.

Downy Parfum Collection from #EverydayMePh

One of the happy mails I received last month is this Downy Fabric conditioner samples in Parfum Collection. Everyday Me sent this to me. This is actually the second time I receive free samples of Downy from Everyday Me . I love Downy fabcons but I am still giddy to try other variants.

Nivea Baby Moisturizing Lotion #ProductReview

My youngest child's skin has become very sensitive mid last year and easily gets dry. He gets redness even he stays inside our home. That condition had me worry so much. I decided to change his skin care products including the soap, talc and lotion. Maybe, any of his regular skin care products doesn't suit his skin's needs anymore. For his lotion, I ended up giving him Nivea Baby Moisturizing lotion for his sensitive skin. Nivea Baby Moisturizing lotion is hypo-allergenic and clinically tested. I personally love Nivea skin care products since this is the brand I have been using lately for my skin as well. 

Plan With Me, Week 11 Planner Weekly Spread

#everymomspageplannerseries I am getting busy every week, and planning ahead is one great way to organize and get things done efficiently. I use three planners and they served the purpose very well. I love planning and I love to decorate my weekly spread as well because it is very relaxing and therapeutic. Decorating serves as my creative outlet amidst my crazy schedule. For Week 11, I decided do a blog post of my weekly spread's set up. Here is a glance at how my weekly spreads  looks like before planning starts. If you missed my pocket planner set-up, just click HERE .

My Pocket Planner Make-Over and Set-Up

#everymomspageplannerseries Hey, it's another planner related post. I have been rocking a busy life lately, and I am extremely happy with how everything goes. Though sometimes, I get overwhelmed of so many tasks to be done. I realized I just need to find the best way on how to manage time, work and finances. Just last week, hubby brought me home a sweet surprise which I posted in my Instagram account. He knows me so well that he picked up a pocket planner from a thrift store he visited where he was initially looking for an office chair. I can’t be more excited, so I go ahead and set it up! But first, here is how the pocket planner looks like.