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Asian Secrets Body Scrubs #ProductReview #beautypost #skincare

One of the skin care products I regularly use during shower is body scrub. Using body scrub is one of the best way to exfoliate your skin to improve it's texture. If you are a super busy mom like me who cannot sneak a short visit to spa salons for skin pampering like skin exfoliation or body scrub service, you can also do it at home and all that you need to have is body scrub and a loofah or exfoliating gloves.  I have already posted few reviews about body scrub in my blogs here  and here , that shows I am so into removing dead skin cells and pampering myself even at home. Using body scrub on a daily basis may take off healthy cells so it is advised to do it once or twice a week. If you have a sensitive skin, do it less. Also, don't scrub your skin too hard it may make your skin red.

Great Designed Wedding Frame Favors

Left and right wedding invitations have been flooding my inbox lately. A double wedding of my relatives, and a few of close friends' weddings are lined up to attend next month until before December ends. It is just so sweet and always makes me feel honored to be part of their special day entering a new milestone of their lives as a couple.

4 Ways to Be a Healthier Meat Eating Family

Eating a lot of meat is often associated with having an unhealthy diet in today's culture. But it wasn't always thought of in this way, and it doesn't have to be in the future. For many people it would be almost impossible to replace the meat in their diet with something else, and a lot of those people wouldn't want to even if they could. The good news is that you don't have to, but you should keep some of these points in mind in order to make healthier choices for your children and the whole family.

Zalora Ph Shopping... Again!

I was cleaning up my emails when I saw a voucher from Zalora that was sent to me a couple of months ago after a collaboration with them. Oh my, I became too busy that I forget about this. I got excited so I thought to use it right away, I went to Zalora's website to see what I can get from my voucher.  I don't think I need to buy myself clothes so I thought to just buy footwears for my son and hubby. My son needs sneakers when he do physical activities outdoors so I thought to just buy him a pair of his own choice. While my husband is so into flipflops with cool graffiti designs so I thought to just get him two pairs.

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Dad, Papa, Pops, Tatay, or whatever you call that man, he works hard to provide for the family. He is one of the greatest gifts ever, so why not give him an extra special treat you believe he will definitely want to receive this Father's day?  However, if you are running out of idea what to give to your husband or daddy this Father's Day, here are few last minute gift ideas I can share:

Aloe Derma Natural, Aloe-mazing Multi-tasker Aloe Vera Gel

I was surprised to receive a parcel from Aloe Derma, early this year after participating in their survey. Imagine a wide smile when I opened the parcel and saw this Aloe Pure Aloe Vera Gel which is 99% organic. To be perfectly honest, I really find joy in trying different organic products and sharing my experience, thoughts and honest opinion to everyone.  Let me get it straight first, not all organic products I tried worked on me, on the other hand, nothing caused me allergic reactions.  Okay, back to my review, so I checked the box of this Aloe Pure Aloe Vera Gel and I got absolutely amazed to the multiple uses of this product.

DIY Father's Day Gift Crafts

Father's Day is just around the corner! Father's Day is a special day to celebrate and honor our daddies, who we always love to describe as our Hero. That tough guy who provides and protect his family and always make sure every furniture at home is fixed. That special guy that no one else in this world can ever replaced.  For mommies and kids who are into crafts, I have collected few cute craft gift ideas perfect for Father's Day:

Lazada Affiliate Program + Shop Til You Blog Event

Lazada Shop Til You Blog event was held in Discovery Primea Hotel in Makati, attended by my fellow co-bloggers. The event featured talks by top lifestyle blogger Kryz Uy, Lazada CEO Inanc Balci, and Chief Marketing Officer Florian Holm.  I have learned a lot from the topics that the speakers discussed about how I can take my blog to the next level, including marketing and improving my blog that will also benefits my readers. 

What to Do When Bitten by A Cat or Dog

Just recently, my 9 year-old son was bitten by our one-month old kitten. Son just finished his meal and on his way to the kitchen to bring his plates to the sink, not that he sensed the kitten was walking along with him from the dining table and it was too late when he realized he stepped on it but he was already bitten at his finger toe. He nervously went to me and told me he got bitten. I have learned it is always a good thing to calm down whenever your child get the jitters at any occasion, so that's what I did when I saw him pale, teary eyed and hands shaking. Although deep inside me, I was just as nervous. 

Fujidenzo Celebrates A Decade of Quality Appliances

This month marks the 10th year anniversary of Fujidenzo, one of the country's leading marketer of quality home and commercial appliances. An afternoon of thanksgiving and celebration was recently held at the Quezon City Sports Club wherein Fujidenzo took the opportunity to thank and give back to the people who have supported and trusted the brand for the past 10 years. I was lucky enough to be part of this celebration together with other mommy bloggers and media persons. We were able to see Fujidenzo's world class products they continue to improve for consumers all over the Philippines.

List of My Highly Recommended and Trusted Online Shops (Philippines)

Five years of online shopping and counting... hahah. I cannot deny the fact that online shopping has made my life a lot easier. For a mom that has a hard row to hoe juggling being a home maker and a working mom at the same time, who seldom goes out and has a very limited shopping place in the area, online shopping is indeed a keeper.  I would like to share my personal list of my top trusted online shops of all time. This is also to give recommendation to those who are contemplating which online shop to go for since I know there are a lot of online shops that are scams who take your money and run.  Here is the TOP 6 on my list:

Nutri 10 Plus Food Supplement for My Super Active Kids

"Good nutrition is your child's ticket to a healthy body and mind".  Everyday we make sure they are equipped enough to face the challenging road of life. As challenging as it is, we should also let the kids explore themselves to let them fully enjoy their childhood days. Not only that, when you let them do things on their own, it leads to learning and discovery. Then parents will realize that sometimes we really need to let them on their own to learn what they are capable of. For them to be able to make the best out of the day, we give them healthy foods they need and a food supplement to go with it. 

Four Essential Skills Every Child Should Learn

Parenting is never easy. You have to make sure they are safe at all times while teaching them the essential skills to succeed in life. Kids don’t make it easier, either, so it is a job that can see you banging your head against a brick wall at times. However, it is an important job. There are some skills that your kids will need to get by in life, and there are some that will make their life well-rounded. Here are a few essential skills that every child should learn if they get the chance.

A Quick View of My Blogging Camera Fujifilm Finepix JX660

A blogger needs a decent camera that captures pretty good photos. Sometimes in blogs and articles, its the photos that capture reader's interests first before the blog post itself. I remember when I was starting in blogging, I only use camera phone in taking photos for my product reviews. Then, I told myself one day, I will be able to get myself a new point and shoot digital camera which I can use during events and to take photos of products I review. In buying a digital camera , the factors I consider are: It doesn't need to be expensive, as long as it can take good quality photos. Ability to film a good quality video since I do vlog sometimes. Gives detailed shot even when zoomed in. Suitable for shooting a moving subject. Handy and not heavy. Affordable, not expensive but good quality. User-friendly and easy to navigate. Capability to focus accurately for taking photos and recording videos. To be honest, I am not knowledgeable enough about digital

Get Your Skin Protected with Nivea Sun Protection

Some people don't really pay attention on skin protection from harmful rays of sun. We must know that umbrella and wearing protective clothing are not enough to block the sun from damaging our skin. Wearing sun block lotion that has a decent level of SPF protection is also necessary to make sure our skin is well protected. What makes wearing sunscreen protection important is it shields our skin from sun's harmful rays and reduce the risk of skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, discoloration and painful sunburn. Not only during summer but all year round, lotion with spf is one of my major skincare staples. 

How to Make a Child's Bedroom into a Teenager's Bedroom on a Budget

Image source Have you started to find yourself on the receiving end of complaints from your teenager that they don’t like the design of their bedroom anymore? This is something that happens to most parents; here’s what you need to do to solve the problem. Talk to Them A teenage bedroom design has to be decided upon by the teenager, not you. If you try to do it with consulting them, things will only turn out badly, believe me. The whole point of redecorating the room has to be to allow them to decide how they want the room to look so that the problem will go away for a few years! So, sit down with your son or daughter and make sure you listen to what they want from the room. If they get the kind of design they want, it’ll be best for everyone. You’ll be able to leave them to their own devices, and they’ll be content in their new room! Have a Clear Out No matter design you decide upon, you’ll need to start off by having a clear out of the room. You sh