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Reusable straws to go plastic free

Billions of plastic is thrown away every year throughout the globe. Many people believe that the rate at which plastic waste is deposed off could result in more plastic in the oceans than fishes. Several measures are been taken by various countries across the world to control this alarming increase in the plastic waste. One of these measures is banning straws made of single-use plastic. People in general are also minimizing the use of these straws. Many big companies are responding this situation by bringing in reusable eco-friendly straws. For instance many big airlines are serving beverages with reusable straws. These are also being used as stirrers for cocktails. But what you can do as an individual. You can either quit straws or you can also shift to more acceptable alternatives. You can find Activated Eco reusable straws in Australia in a variety of materials. Here are some great alternatives to satisfy your splurging and betraying your plastic habit.

Tips to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

With the cost of electricity going up every day, every person is looking for ways to reduce his energy consumption. On top of reducing your electricity bill, you should also be looking to minimize your electricity usage as it is bad for the environment. Reducing your carbon footprint is the ultimate step you can take to save the environment and save some money.

Reclaim your garage as a play space for your kids

Living in a smaller place can be a little challenging, especially when your family is growing, and your kids want more space to play and spend time. By choosing to turn your garage into a fun and dedicated place for your kids, then you have made a wise decision. With some basic changes and a weekend cleaning project, you can easily convert your unused garage into a place for your kids to play. This article will walk you through a few steps that will help to do so. To learn about them, read on! 

Courses for healthcare professionals: The six to eight week baby check - what’s included?

The 'six-week check' is part of the NHS Newborn and Infant Physical Examination (NIPE) programme. Along with the newborn examination, it’s a vital part of the 'Healthy Child Programme', the Department of Health guideline for promoting child health in the UK. Professional examination of babies should take place between 6-8 weeks of age and should include: · A review of their development · A physical examination · An opportunity to offer health promotion advice · The chance for parents to express any concerns What are the key points to look for? The main purpose of the six to eight week check is to detect: · Congenital heart disease · Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) · Any congenital cataracts · Undescended testes The core examination is set out in National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance 'Postnatal care up to 8 weeks after birth'. This should compri

Understanding the Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Humans have made huge advancements in all aspects of life and living including health care. It however appears that in the past few years, we have gotten to this point where we are now seriously assessing and scrutinizing our various achievements. People are asking more questions and looking for answers. There has been growing concern about the effects of the drugs we take for various ailments. People are no longer comfortable with the fact that practically every drug is said to have a side effect. You can read from experts here: . These and other concerns have pushed a lot of people into looking back at natural options for treating and managing health conditions. One of the things that a lot of people are beginning to incorporate into their daily lives is the use of essential oils and that will be our focus in this article. What are Essential Oils? Also known as ethereal oils, volatile oils, and aetherolea, essential oils desc

Top Reasons Why Exhibitors Value Trade Shows

Exhibitors have plenty of superb reasons for choosing to market at trade shows. And many of those reasons are hard to duplicate elsewhere. If you are looking for custom trade displays for your next trade event, you can check out ExpoMarketing . They've been in the trade show business for years offering amazing, customized solutions for a range of shows throughout the USA. The following are some of the top reasons why exhibitors choose trade shows. 1. Creating Awareness Most exhibitors attend trade shows to create more awareness about their products or services. They get to improve the brand recognition of their business. Creating awareness is even more essential for startups, new exhibitors, or firms entering new geographical markets. 2. Lead Generation Exhibitors also exhibit to gain leads from new prospects and clients. Trade events are a primary technique for lead generation for B2B companies. Many exhibitors bring back tons of leads to fill their sale

Amazing Kids Personalised Gift Suggestions

Photo Source Do you ever struggle to find that perfect gift for your nephew or niece.. Heck it can even be hard finding an amazing gift for your best friend or partner. They say “it’s the thought that counts” and a great way to show someone you care is to go for a personalised gift. Even though it really doesn't take too much time to find and personalise a gift! If you do a quick online search you'll be surprised just how many options are out there. Personalised gifts are such a unique way of showing you care and that you have put thought into the gift. Here are some ideas that I love and you will see that you can get some great deals. Personalised Breakfast Egg Board Perfect for egg lovers and a little different to an egg cup. Theses breakfast boards make breakfast in bed a little less messy! Especially if you are buying these for your little ones, these do help with the cleanup. Available at Urban Fox Gifts for £15.95. Personalised My First Christmas Sack A great opti

Organizing your Photos Using Photobooks

Photos are a perfect way to capture beautiful life moments that you would like to remember for a long time. Everyone has pictures of their kids growing up and discovering new things. These are priceless memories. We also have pictures with friends, having good times. Even holiday photos that we keep not to forget those memories. However, what can you do to preserve those memories longer? One of many home organization tips you can use to keep those photos forever is to create photobooks. If you have photos spanning years, you can neatly organize them into different photobooks . You can also have the pictures organized chronologically. If, for instance, you have many themed photos and you know exactly under what theme to categorize them into, you can then have them organized by theme. Either way, it entirely depends on whichever you prefer. Here are a few ways you can separate the photos: A photobook designated to each child individually: This book contains mostly pictures of each c

How to Help Your Child Overcome Dentophobia

Tips to Help Your Child Feel Comfortable at the Dentist Help your child overcome fear of the dentist and set them up for a healthy smile for life.

Tips to Make Your Face Look Younger

Many of us are always seeking ways to look younger. Although there is beauty in aging, if you’re interested in maintaining some of your face’s youthfulness, there are simple things you can try. Whether you’re looking for more involved or more natural methods, here are a few options.

Micro Bikinis: History, Features and Issues

You’ve probably heard of micro bikinis or microkinis. Although this product has been around for a while, it is still not that common. You probably won’t find it in big department stores. In fact, it cannot be found in every lingerie shop. Micro bikinis are often referred to as the most extreme type of swimwear. This makes sense gives how little they cover.